Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My New Shopping Rules

Sigh... I have been in love with Anthropologie over.. years...

And my closet is full of Anthropologie.

I have been selling things but I keep finding new things that I want.

That's right. They have new arrival every month. Every year.

I can't buy everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I made rules for myself based on what I have been selling.

I love everything I own. There were reasons I bought them. They are pretty. They are beautiful. They are unique. Or.... they were a good deal.

And what I've been selling is..

Things that I don't /can't wear. (too fancy, too delicate, etc)
Things that I haven't worn for a year.(kept telling myself, maybe I'll wear it next year)
Things that I probably don't wear this year.
Things that are too short on me.

Tops & Skirts, I don't wear them. They need some thinking to make outfits. And I do not have time for this. Dresses are easy to dress myself. Put it on, There, I am ready to go!!

Jackets. I have way too many. in CA? I don't need to wear jackets that often, and when I do, I am really cold, so I'd be wearing Patagonia or The North Face. That, my husband can buy for me..

And recently, I realized that I have too many belts and necklaces.

I used to wear belts a lot but not any more.. they are uncomfortable. lol
I just need few (maybe 10) that I use.
Necklaces, I keep buying them but I don't wear them that often. It hurts my daughter when she cuddles me. or I have to worry about breaking it.  And when I try to go into the car, it scratches the car.


anyways, I don't need those.

and I do not wear heels.

I finally admit that I am clumsy, and have no balance.. and my husband hates heels.
I am only keeping Chie Mihara and some really nice heels for parties. I can just sit there and be fancy.

And this is my rules for shopping.

1: Do not buy skirts.
2: Do not buy tops.
3: Do not buy jackets.
4: Do not buy heels.
5: Do not buy necklaces. 
6: Do not buy short dresses.

and most important rule of all..

7: Do not buy things because it's a great deal/on sale. 

Just buy things that I don't mind paying full price. Otherwise, I do not need them.

With those rules, I do not have to love everything.  I do not have to buy everything!!

That means I have more money to spend on what I use/wear and love.

And less things in my closet.


Do you have any rules you made for yourself??


  1. Hahaha, love your rules!!! I am with you on most of them when having kids around! I end up wearing Vans or Nike everyday, even though I love shoes, and have way too many heels from Anrhro, DSW, etc.. Same thing for jackets. When it gets cold, I grab my Northface, Mountain Hardware. Never wear blazers, trenches or other thin stylish or cute jackets. I buy way way way too many skirts, but I can't wear them 99% of the time living here in the South. Mosquitos love me too much. I couldn't even get away with wearing tights. Mosquitos are too vicious toward me even with tights. I learnt the hard way. I also have way way too many Anthro belts, but whatever I grab last minute when trying to get out of my house, they didn't end up looking right. My belts are just sitting there. So sad. I don't wear jewelry either, even though I love to make earrings. You are not alone!!

    1. haha I know.. we are quite similar.. but we still love anthropologie... sigh...
      Mosquitos bite you over tights!? thats crazy! lol

  2. I am the same with skirts. I have several sitting in the closet waiting for me to buy coordinating top to go with it. I don't buy accessories because I just don't know how to pair them with outfits my rule about shoes is that they must be comfy and heels no higher than 3in and no trendy shoes. I live in CA too but I wear winter jacket year round! It's always freezing in my office, the thin anthro jackets don't cut it

    1. haha I think I am more into scarves than necklaces. Scarves make me warm. lol necklaces are just heavy and dangerous around
      Thank you for leaving comment!!!

  3. i feel exactly the same but you have such beautiful things and isn't it nice to just look at them? and it brings you joy. everything in moderation. it's easy to say you don't need any more things but hard not to buy

    1. haha yup. but there are so many things that I can wear and pretty... so I should save money for those instead of things that I can just look

  4. You r my hero! Can u come to my house & make me follow some rules? Any rules ? I need rules :)