Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break is OVER!!

I did it!!! We did it!!! 

My daughter went to school this morning!! I wasn't sure if she'd wake up... but she did!! (I mean I woke her up, and she didn't whine or cry!! lol)


And Anthropologie has new markdowns plus 2nd,3rd cuts I believe!!! wowowowow!! I am getting price adjustment!!


They have Free Shipping over $150.. it gone this morning??? It was there last night!!!


I managed to use my 15%off coupon from survey and free shipping for my new markdown purchased last night!


I am free... I am...

I love it when my daughter doesn't have to go to school, but I have NO "me" time. 

I am going to Anthropologie to check out some goodies!!!!

Did you buy anything last night? or planning to go to the store?? 

Oh my goodness... I am super behind on this blog.. I have pictures for reviews that I had never posted... ugh...

I can never be a full blogger like most other bloggers.. lol I am just a mom who loves Anthropologie and wants to share stuff sometimes. And Facebook is much bigger place to share stuff like this lol What's the point of this blog!? lol

Recent outfits!!

(I got tired of adding my blog name on photos... so yeah, if you wanna grab it, go ahead lol I don't have my head :P so I don't care..)


  1. Love your outfits and your reviews, Keiko-san!!

  2. Love your outfits! What is the name of the last dress? It is gorgeous!