Thursday, April 14, 2016

WHAT!? Extra 40% off sale?

Seriously... what is going on with Anthro lately!??

I guess it's smart though.. at some point. They don't do 2nd cut as much.... Well, that's what I thought. But they just had new markdowns. hmmm I know their creations are not as precious as they used to be.... They need to sell awesome boots like they used to, for sure.

But their sale is making me crazy!!

I just bought bunch of full priced item with 15% off and now I had to buy bunch more!!!

Last night, I ordered these.

Denim Tie-Neck Tunic Dress  and Tiled Dropwaist Dress  are still full price. lol I just had to. There are couple dresses I thought I'd get but I decided not to... I think.. if I don't want it at full price, or half price, I don't need it in my life. I try not to buy things just because it's cheap.

But Anthro has been giving me hard time with it..

So... this Mykonos Jumpsuit jumpsuit came a day before yesterday. I can get PA! yay!

I tried them on in my closet,so it's not a good picture but I will take OOTD pic pretty soon!! They are fabulous!! Get them if you haven't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It says Online Exclusive, but some store may have them?

I opened the package and my first word was "oh, its Tracey Reese" lol I didn't know...

I also bought the Arboreta Jumpsuit with 15% off, they came, but they were dirty!!! So I am having them exchange. The new ones are on the way... Hope they are sending me the brand new ones!!!

You do not need any code on this 40%off!!! I am going to the store again this morning!!!

Happy shopping Ladies & Gentlemen!!!

oops, I forgot to post OOTDs!

I am thinking about making a Reader Outfits post! Please submit pictures <3 Send me your pic!!


  1. I placed order two days ago using 15% off code, and called back to get price adjustment to get 40% off instead of 15% off just now, but CS wouldn't let me. Bummed. What did you find at store today at 40% off sale? I might just place another order tonight, since calling CS wasn't helpful. I have been out about all day. Going to parents meeting at son's school in morning, having lunch with friends, picking up son after school, and now waiting for my son's soccer practice. I have sink full of dirty dishes that need to be washed. Sorry that you have to get replacement for Arboreta Jumpsuit. I don't understand why Anthro keeps on sending bad quality clothes to customers. We are talking about clothes even at original prices!! Store definitely needs to do something about quality control. Mykonos Jumpsuit looks fab on you btw!!

    1. i know right? They have to ship things from wearhouse if we place order full price.. seriously..

      and Julia! You need to call CA again. I just email online orders for PA and I always get it (I think). Try again! You must get it!

  2. I will definitely write email to try to get PA again!! 😊 Thanks!

  3. I've noticed more and more than Anthro often ships stained/damaged clothing! I ordered a beautiful sweater a few seasons ago that came with a massive bleach stain (on black!!) and some slacks that had what appeared to be an oil-based stain. Other items too had signs of wear and tear. I was thoroughly disappointed. I couldn't get an exchange for the sweater either as they were totally sold out at that point. Get with it, Anthro!

    1. my jumpsuit came and they had dirty spot on hems again... seriously...

  4. I would love to see a readers outfit section!