Sunday, May 1, 2016

It's May!!!!

Yippieeeeeeeee!!! It's May!!

May is a special month to me!!

It's got Mother's Day. (yay I am a mom lol)
It's got Anniversary!

and it's got my Birth Day!!

Well, it's the month my husband doesn't like, though.. LOL

I just received 15% off from Anthropologie yesterday.

There are so many dresses I want right now!! What am I gonna do!!??

This is so bad, because I wanted brown Balenciaga now.... so..... bad!! Can't choose between Dark Brown or Rust or Cognac.

I went to my local Nordstrom to see if they had any to see the color, but they didn't carry Balenciaga. Too bad!! The one in San Diego carry Balenciaga and Chanel!! BOOO!!!

They did carry Chloe, though.. so I tried Marcie.

I've been wanting this bag for a long time. Well, I wanted the black one before, but now not sure. I don't need any more black. I need a brown purse! umm... omg I can't decide...

Buy that purse.. or... buy Anthro dresses....

What would you do!??


  1. Yay for May for you!!! I would prefer to get purse, since purse adds nice statement piece to outfits. I can't wear same dress everyday, but I can carry same purse everyday. Lol. I have been always wanting a Chloe purse since I lived in Portland. My husband doesn't want me to get Chloe's. He ended up getting me LV as a surprise for one of my birthday gifts. Yup, so I never have Chloe. I always want the pink one. Purses are like shoes and clothes, can never have enough. Hehehe. I prefer Chloe, of course. As for Balenciaga, I think the rust is more unique, and can go with your Anthro clothes better, imo. :) In any choice, I will be envying you. :)

    1. my husband doesnt like any high end bags.. so I have to buy it without him knowing it lol
      your husband is sweet! but why not Chloeeeeeeeeee!! lol