Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dressage Sweater Coat Review

Some people may know that I stopped being Anthro-holic.

Well, I still do love the store, I am just not crazy shopper as I used to be.

Things felt different after spending a month in Japan.

I deleted all of my wishlist and saved links I had on my computer. I stopped caring about their sale or pop back. I sold 30% of my closet, or was it 15%..  My closet is still full.. And I returned new items that I probably won't wear.

But something happened to Anthropologie other day..

I woke up, checked facebook, and my Anthro friends were talking about Dressage Sweater Coat.

I have wanted this sweater coat forever. I regretted not buying it back in 2011.

I bought Morning Bird Sweater Coat instead in 2012 but I didn't love it as much, I wanted it in black..

I loved how warm and cozy and very easy to wear, just put it over my clothes when I drop off my daughter at school in the morning. It was a perfect piece.

I tempted to purchase it from ebay but the price was high, and I do not prefer used one... and who knows there will be pilling and maybe stains?

I was hoping Anthropologie will release it again, or a new version..

Anyways.. I was super excited about the return of Dressage Sweater Coat $188

One thing I noticed looking at the online details, New version is Lambswool and Acrylic. The original one says Lambswool. Does it mean it is not as warm as the last one?

I checked the new one, and it says 50% Lambswool 50% Acrylic. I don't own the original one, I hope someone can confirm this for me..  Is it 100% Lambswool? --- YUP, Thank you for confirmation, Dana!! The original one is 100% Lambswool!!!!

I heard that Morning Bird is warmer and softer than the original Dressage, so I was hoping this new one will be as warm and soft as Morning Bird.

I ordered size XS, S.  I was in hurry in the morning, I was going to place order, then I thought... the picture doesn't look as big as the first one.


So, I ordered size M as well.

Just in case.

I did not want to take any risk, it had no review, as it just came online..

My order was supposed to be here on Monday, but it came on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the long wait, but here is the review!!!

First of all, it feels lighter than I thought. It isn't a bad thing, though, right? I forgot how heavy the Morning Bird was, but this feels lighter, maybe because of Acrylic mixed?

I noticed one more thing. They all came a brand new in plastic bag but it is pilling already. But maybe it isn't such a bad thing either. I got a pill remover from amazon. So that'll do.

Here is the sizing..

Above is size XS. The front view photo was I didn't post.. but I am not keeping size XS for sure. not too small, but just not right. I am usually size XS, S, 2 in dresses, for coats, 2, 4, S, M sometimes. I am 5'7" tall.

Next, I tried on size S. This is my usual size. It is actually perfect.

The last, I tried size M. I checked the length but size S and M are the same. Or even thought S was longer. lol So, I could keep S or M. M is just a bit wider, and more hood, and heavier.
I like coats to be a bit heavy.. so at this point, I want to keep size M.

Size S, I kind of have to fix the hood position, and wear it right, but size M, I just put it on, and everything is at the right place. Maybe because of the weight?

Okay.. enough of my obsession.... I believe it is TTS, and it is super warm, cozy and soft! And not itchy at all, Feels like cashmere.

And this is what I wore under the coat!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Nice reviews of the coat with all the little details.
    Certainly very helpful if someone is interested. I tried the original when I was in Portland, thinking that I would wait for sale. That was big mistake, since I never saw it again. I still prefer 100% lambwool though. I don't mind the itchiness. Lol. Our weather is still above 90s, so I can't think of buying coat at this moment. I know that I will regret later. Still appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts! Like you, I usually delete Anthro's sale notice emails without looking further. So not interested in sales anymore.

    1. yeah those shopaholic days are over for me.. Just because they are cheap, deep cut.. doesnt mean I need them. I don't need many clothes. I kinda like having money in my bank. lol I feel safe that way. I can buy this and that.. that kinda option is nice lol

  2. Thank you it was really helpful, Iam ready to make my order

  3. Keiko, I thought you had an instagram account that I could look at on the internet. I always loved your sense of style and just thought about looking at your instagram but can't find it. I don't have an instagram account but several months ago I was able to find your account online. Hope all is well.

    1. hi Lisa, thank you for leaving a message here. :) Yes I had instagram but I deleted it... I dont take OOTD much anymore but you should join here, i post OOTD there too sometimes :)