Thursday, June 30, 2016

Long time no see..

Hello! I have been away again. and I will be away over and over.. because I suck at writing, and from seeing people on facebook, I find no need for blog posts for reviews and such..

I started this blog as a part of my hobby, fun. But it had become like I HAD TO do it instead of fun thing to do.

I do take pictures, I do go shopping, I do love anthropologie, but I just don't have power to make them into a post on my blog.

Plus, my daughter is on summer vacation. I get not many "ME" time.

Anyways, I have facebook account, but it is mainly for my family and I can not post much stuff about my shopaholic stuff there..

And I finally figured out to make a new account on Instagram.

Hope this works.. (I don't want my family to find me on that one. lol)

Here is my new account

Thank you for following!!!

I am not deleting my blog account, as I hope one day, I can do this again.

But until then...

See you at Instagram!!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Anthropologie Dress Review

Yay It's weekend!!!
Wait... I have to go to school tomorrow. It's a special day at school. Boo..

Well, Sunday is Mother's day, and Anthro is offering 20% off everything this weekend!!! 

Code: XOXO

I have kept this review pictures on my phone forever!! It's time!!

Bloomed Eyelet Shirtdress $168 I am wearing size 2, my usual size and it fits perfect!! Love everything about this dress!! I brought it home! Except one thing that I should mention. Buttons are breakable and lots of them were broken/missing. So if you order it online, you might receive one without buttons..

BUT! good news!! I found super similar buttons at Joann for really cheap, and I could fix mine no problem!! <3 <3

Arboreta Jumpsuit $178 $99.95 OH this jumper is soooooooooo cute! I am wearing size S. I could probably size down to XS, but I didn't. I didn't really think about it. I like the length.

I ordered it online since it's white.. I wanted a brand new one in the package.
But what I received was dirty hem, dragged on the floor in store.

I got exchange over online, then I received it.. then it was from other store and dirty hem.. really??

Third time, I finally received brand new in a bag from a wearhouse!! woohooo!!

And guess what. It went on sale to $99.95 this week. Yippie!! Maybe it was meant to be that
But I almost returned it if they send me another dirty one..  It was really stressful.

Plus getting PA for this one was so annoying. I always send email for PA, and I had to write many times because the CS reply was confusing, and each reply I get, different person, and obviously they don't read whole email even though I attach all the conversation I had with other person.

The second person said I was fully refunded... even though I am talking about the different order. (Every exchange had new order numbers) so, this person obviously just saw the picture of the jumper and looked at my account and assumed it was the one I exchanged.. or whatever.

SOOOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING and CONFUSING. If, the first person read my email correctly, nothing like this had happened.

Anyways, it was a stressful purchase...

 It is washable, and it has a zipper in the back!

Botanique Maxi Dress $228 OMG, I loved this dress. I did not purchase it though.. I believe I tried on size 2. TTS.
The reason I didn't purchase was the beads. It is beautiful. BUT not for mommy. I could wear this to some fancy event but not daily.. I am avoiding dresses that I can't wear daily.

So, it was a pass for me.

aaand zipper on the side!!

Butterfly Garden Midi Dress $198  TTS, I think my friend Rachel bought this, but I did not love this on me. Maybe the color, maybe the pattern.. And this is also a fancy one. Not daily maxi... so, pass for me.

Rainforest Silk Dress $188 Oh yeah. This is silk, lightweight and smoooooooooth!! I am wearing S, felt TTS. I would love to buy this on sale, but it may be too delicate to wear with little one. But it's cute... hmm

Oh and it's washable (silk!?) and back is longer than front!

Laced Swing Tank $98 heh this top, I just found in store, and thought it's cute! But remember my rule? I am not buying any tops!!! Wish this was a dress!!

Lilt Swing Dress $118 I am wearing XS on the left, S on the right. I love the blue one, but the flower on the top, had to be connected with the neck orange!! And I think I need S in this. I just ordered it online, hope mine is the right pattern placement! And the black one, this isn't as popular as the other color ways but I actually love this pattern. It's simple but somewhat unique. I hope this will make it to sale, and I will get it!!

Verity Maxi Dress $178 $89.95 This was a score!! I found one in store, tried it on, it fits!! TTS

Rococo Midi Dress $148  I believe I a wearing XS. I tried S the other day, and it felt little bit, so I think it runs a bit large. Especially for people with no boobs.. you can size down. lol

UPDATE: I just received XS today, and the neck was little tight for my liking. So.. I'd keep my usual size S!

Raya Kimono $118 THIIIIIIIS! I think this is the best kimono at Anthro for now. It's not too thin, too thick, pretty pattern, and everything is perfect. YOU MUST BUY IT!! so cute!

Mykonos Jumpsuit $198 $99.95 I bought this right when it went on sale!! It's beautiful <3 The under bust is little tight but it has good space for boobs. So 'd say it runs TTS. I am wearing size 2. I love this!! and it's washable!

Cirque Swing Dress $178 I am wearing XS, I will receive S on Monday. I love this. No more short dress, but this is one exception!! it's linen. Maybe I will take close up picture when I receive size S. :)

Tropica Romper $128 I am wearing size M. I think it runs TTS, since this was a bit big on me. They didn't have S and one review said it runs small,so I ordered M but meh, it's not right.
And after seeing all the pretty dresses right now, I do not have to have this. So, I just moved on.

Caltha Swing Dress $198 I love this dress. It is super pretty. I am wearing size S, TTS for me. BUT.... the beads.. and the fabric... too delicate for a mama.. so.. I had to pass.. wish it was made with different fabric..

Soleil Swing Dress $198 I had super high hope on this one. I am wearing S. I ordered XS too but I didn't even open the bag.
Very disappointed. Neck is too tight and the bow, on the side of neck, would probably come off eventually, sigh.. very sad.. length was just right for 5'7", so if you are smaller than me, you may wanna order petite.

Eyelet Maxi Dress $228 Another meh.. maybe it runs a bit big around bust?? It felt big, and overall looked like Forever21.
I am wearing size S on this. I ordered XS to see if it fits better.. so you will see it soon.

 I tried to take a picture in different sorry it's bathroom.. I guess it can be cute.. but wow the catalog shot.. was super cute.. and the real dress... wasn't as cute.. so.. hmm..

OKAY!! Hope I could help you shop this weekend!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!

My latest OOTD, family brunch last Sunday <3

Belt: J Crew
Purse: Marc Jacobs
Heels: Chie Mihara
Watch: Gucci

Sunday, May 1, 2016

It's May!!!!

Yippieeeeeeeee!!! It's May!!

May is a special month to me!!

It's got Mother's Day. (yay I am a mom lol)
It's got Anniversary!

and it's got my Birth Day!!

Well, it's the month my husband doesn't like, though.. LOL

I just received 15% off from Anthropologie yesterday.

There are so many dresses I want right now!! What am I gonna do!!??

This is so bad, because I wanted brown Balenciaga now.... so..... bad!! Can't choose between Dark Brown or Rust or Cognac.

I went to my local Nordstrom to see if they had any to see the color, but they didn't carry Balenciaga. Too bad!! The one in San Diego carry Balenciaga and Chanel!! BOOO!!!

They did carry Chloe, though.. so I tried Marcie.

I've been wanting this bag for a long time. Well, I wanted the black one before, but now not sure. I don't need any more black. I need a brown purse! umm... omg I can't decide...

Buy that purse.. or... buy Anthro dresses....

What would you do!??

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My New Shopping Rules

Sigh... I have been in love with Anthropologie over.. years...

And my closet is full of Anthropologie.

I have been selling things but I keep finding new things that I want.

That's right. They have new arrival every month. Every year.

I can't buy everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I made rules for myself based on what I have been selling.

I love everything I own. There were reasons I bought them. They are pretty. They are beautiful. They are unique. Or.... they were a good deal.

And what I've been selling is..

Things that I don't /can't wear. (too fancy, too delicate, etc)
Things that I haven't worn for a year.(kept telling myself, maybe I'll wear it next year)
Things that I probably don't wear this year.
Things that are too short on me.

Tops & Skirts, I don't wear them. They need some thinking to make outfits. And I do not have time for this. Dresses are easy to dress myself. Put it on, There, I am ready to go!!

Jackets. I have way too many. in CA? I don't need to wear jackets that often, and when I do, I am really cold, so I'd be wearing Patagonia or The North Face. That, my husband can buy for me..

And recently, I realized that I have too many belts and necklaces.

I used to wear belts a lot but not any more.. they are uncomfortable. lol
I just need few (maybe 10) that I use.
Necklaces, I keep buying them but I don't wear them that often. It hurts my daughter when she cuddles me. or I have to worry about breaking it.  And when I try to go into the car, it scratches the car.


anyways, I don't need those.

and I do not wear heels.

I finally admit that I am clumsy, and have no balance.. and my husband hates heels.
I am only keeping Chie Mihara and some really nice heels for parties. I can just sit there and be fancy.

And this is my rules for shopping.

1: Do not buy skirts.
2: Do not buy tops.
3: Do not buy jackets.
4: Do not buy heels.
5: Do not buy necklaces. 
6: Do not buy short dresses.

and most important rule of all..

7: Do not buy things because it's a great deal/on sale. 

Just buy things that I don't mind paying full price. Otherwise, I do not need them.

With those rules, I do not have to love everything.  I do not have to buy everything!!

That means I have more money to spend on what I use/wear and love.

And less things in my closet.


Do you have any rules you made for yourself??

Monday, April 25, 2016

Free Shipping and 25% off sale!

Happy Monday, ladies!

I was hoping for a new markdown, but instead, they are offering free shipping!!

Well, that works too, I guess..

These are what I ordered!!

 Cirque Swing Dress $178 I ordered XS and S.. Let's see which fit me better!!

 I've been eyeing on this Raya Kimono $118... I think this is my favorite kimono they have in store now!

And this Tropica Romper $128... I was lucky to find a popback!! Hope it fits!!

What did you get?? or what are you getting??

I was going to the store this morning but my daughter decided to stay home from school... so no Anthro for me... They better have extra 25% off tomorrow!!

Latest OOTDs!

Have a wonderful week!!! What am I gonna wear today!?

I am waiting for your OOTD pictures!! <3