Sunday, June 26, 2011

OOTD Fantastic Field Skirt x Trickle Down Top

Today, I dressed like Emma from Glee!!

Top & Skirt: Anthropologie
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Nicole

Well, I didn't buy this Tickle Down Top from Anthropologie.

I was looking through EA's Trade Market and found out that Terrie was having a blog sale!

I bought three tops from her! 

 Flight Of Fancy Top

 Rational Ruffles Tee

 Trickle Down Top

They were all brand new and she kept them so well! Thank you so much for giving me such a great deal ♥ 
She still have some more lovely items in her blog sale!! Check it out Anthropological Shopper Blog Sale!

Um, and I still have bunch of stuff in my own blog sale. Don't forget to take a look at Shop My Closet 1 and Shop My Closet Shoes too!!

The first time I saw this skirt was when it went on sale but I didn't even take it out of rack. 
I came home, and I saw JG was searching the skirt in her size on EA, so I told her that I think I saw some at my local Anthro. She called and found one for her! 

And couple weeks later, I saw one of SAs wearing it. OMG! It's so cute!!!  

But of course it's all gone from the sale room by the time..

There are so many other things I want, so I gave up on it. (I didn't want to do store search or anything)

THEN, two weeks ago....

I found it!! in my size!! (size 4, this skirt runs small) in my store!!!


And it went $19 last week, so I got PA!

I love this skirt even more


Remember I wanted a bow front blouse from RUCHE before?

 elite and chick bow top
It was back in stock!!!

And of course, I ordered it!!!

I will receive it next week. I am so excited!! ( I hope it'll be as cute as I think!)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Keiko's Virtual Closet

I've always wanted to make an online closet like Laura!!

And here we go! I made it :) :)

Keiko's Closet

Friday, June 24, 2011





 Top: Urban Outfitters
Maxi Dress: Forever21
Sandals: Chinese Laundry
Belt: H&M




Thursday, June 23, 2011


今日は日本語な気分・・ 笑



 Hat & Top: Anthropologie
Necklace: Free People
Jeans: Level99
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs

この靴実はフリマに出品中なんだけどね・・笑 売れないからまた履いちゃった♪

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Little Angel and finally a OOTD!!

Happy Wednesday!!
SUMMER is finally here!!!!!

I have been busy with my daughter these days... She is going to be 3 next month.

She is a little monster!!! When she finally fall asleep... I am usually exhausted. lol

She is taking a nap right now and I should actually wake her now otherwise she will be up all night tonight..

but she looks so sweet and I don't want to disturb her...

I decided not to wake her.. and I took OOTD photos. lol
I guess I will be up all night playing with her... -_-

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Forever21
Dress: Anthropologie
Shoes: Miss Albright
Cardigan Clip: Vintage

I found this dress yesterday at my local store yesterday!

It was an amazing sale day..

You will be super surprised what I got... and how much I paid for...

Apothecary Skirt

 Fantastic Field Skirt

White Trillums Skirt

 Sunrise Shirt Dress

 Pezza Dress

D'armee Dress

Delicate Drafts Cardigan
 Engla Trench

 Fairy Dance Top

Maryam Tank

Lavender Era Bag
 Media Via Belt

 Weave & Plait Belt

Topography Sandals

These photos are including my previous purchase that I got PA yesterday.

I can't tell you how much each pieces were... because it's insane...

maybe someday, I will let you

Oh and these days.. I've made more hairpins and earrings for myself.
I had to make those earrings by myself because I can only take K Gold!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OOTD: Take Action

Ohh.. it's hot....  I have been looking for yellow and red cardigan but I don't think I will need cardigan for another couple months...

But I want some skinny colorful belts!!

I wanted to style the Take Action Dress like other bloggers, but I just love the way it is..
I think the dress is perfect!

But maybe when it's cooler, I could add some yellow or red cardigan?? I also want to try red skinny belt with this but I don't own one.. hmm

Dress: Anthropologie
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Franco Sarto

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My hobby?

No sale... sad...

but I guess it is good for me. lol

I've been making some hairpins with vintage buttons.

mmmm.. I like the vintage look!

and I just started to enjoy making stuff.. :D

Now that I returned my first purchase from RUCHE,

I wanted to give it one more try and they gave me free shipping for the next order!

These are what I am interested, but both item are sold out in my size.. :( :(

I especially want to try the bow top.
I am not sure how 100% polyester would feel, but the design is very attractive, isn't it!?

I hope they will get them in stock again

BTW, I finally bought my second color of D'armee, navy! It was a popback online and it's on the way!! YAY! This bow top would look cute with the dress, don't you think?? Or would it be too puffy??

Yes, I know.. I am still stalking again..

It's more like my hobby. lol

My husband is a programmer and his computer is always on... and so is mine!
Whenever I sit in front of it, I check Anthro... 

If you want me to stalk something for you, let me know lol

And I found these beautiful pair of shoes from Chie Mihara!!

I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them..............


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Remaining Lilies Cardigan??

Good evening! Or morning??

This morning (Wed), I went to my local Anthro again. I wanted to see what people have returned to get new stuff from the Tag Sale. haha!

I saw couple old items, such as sweater coats, jackets, boots etc.. (mostly size XL, and boots were 9.5 or 10) but nothing was my size. I am normally size small, 2, but sometimes I wear 0, XS, and 4 for some pants.

I found a cute cardigan but it was size M, so what I thought was.. my Anthro sister Laura. Well, I haven't met her in person yet but I know she has bigger boobs than I do. lol Mine's are tiny...

So, I sent her a text with a photo to see if she wants it, but ended up she has it already (the original Remaining Lilies Cardi) and M would be too big for her.

Well, it was only $9.95.. and with 25%off, that'd be $8.. and the cardi was originaly $128.

Leave it?? or Keep it???

I took it to the fitting room, and tried it on.

Oh MY!

It fits me and it was much much MUCH cuter on!!

It just looks like this..

 Remaining Lilies Cardigan

But the one I found looks like this.


Does anyone know the name of the cardigan?

Oh and I bought couple hairpins but can't figure out the names.

I'd be happy if anyone could tell me the Anthro names!

I found these too!

 Lemon Cooler Sandals $39.95 (was $128)

Poche Shirt $19.95 + 25%off (was $78)

I think, this is why I am addicted to Anthropologie. The original price is so high that I can not normally afford but sometimes I can find amazing deal, so I keep stalking the sale room & wishlist. 

And I stopped shopping at other because I'd rather get $130 worth something for $10 than getting some random cheap dress. 

Then what happened next? I am so used to seeing the high price on tags and I ended up buying some full priced items. LOL 

Well done, Anthro...

As I said last night, I received one of my online orders today!! 

The pop-back items!!

Unfortunately, these two had to go back... 

 Hearts Desire Cardigan Small
Layers Of Lovely Cover-Up Small

The cardi.. arm area was too tight and made me look fat. lol I found M at my store but I think I will keep the $$ for something I love. 

And the cover-up, little too small around chest area, and it is a cover up.. I wanted to wear it as a dress, but uh.. I don't love it. 


and what else did I get??

Cloud Art Dress

LOVE IT!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got size XS since that was the only popback. I was hoping it'd fit me.

Here's the fashion show at 1AM!! LOL