Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reed Shirtdress

Happy Halloween Weekend!! I took my daughter to the local "Trick or Treat" event yesterday!
I can't tell you what she is, yet.. wait til the real Halloween photos!!

We are going trick or treating with cousins tomorrow!! It'll be fun!!

Do you remember Reed Shirtdress that I bought off ebay??

Here it is!!

I bought size 4 and it fit perfectly!!! I am glad I sized up!!!
I paired it with my lovely boots from last year Anthro purchase!

And the other day, I won a skirt off ebay. I think I still need retail therapy...

I think it is called Marching Circle Skirt. Does anyone have Anthro photo of the skirt? Or a link to reviews??

Oh and guess what!!??

I went to buy hand soaps at Bath & Body Works yesterday.. and stopped by Marshalls to see if they have something good, not really expecting anything special.

And I found these!!!

J Brand Houlihan Cargos $50 (was $230 Anthropologie) 

Sanctuary Irresistible Feel Vest $40 (was $138 Anthropologie)

I really really wanted the fur vest when Anthro still had them in stock. And I was searching ebay for it for a while. Then BANG!! I found it at MARSHALLS!!

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!! 

Here is the photos of the slip skirt I made!!

Hope everyone's getting many many candies!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Happy Saturday!! Isn't it awesome that Anthro has another Free Shipping over $100 promo!??? I wish they offered that all the time!!!

So, the other day at my local Anthro, I found this jacket.

Oh-My.. I already have something similar, but I want it!!

I think, I have a thing of "plaid" and "ruffle"...

I also want these.. (and they are all washable!! )

I've wanted a simple skirt, and there it is!! I tried it on the other day, and it was perfect! It fits TTS and hit just above knee! 

I haven't tried this yet because I thought it wasn't washable.. but I found out it IS, so I am gonna try it on next time!!!

I saw this at my local Anthro, then saw it on Roxy's Effortless Anthropologie, and loved it more!! Went to try it on, and loved it!! Fits TTS!

I don't really need a big coat.. It doesn't get that cold where I live.. but I tried it on after I saw it on Sayaka's Blog, Happily Ever Anthro , and fell in love.. Perhaps, my husband will buy it for Christmas present?? lol oh but I want boots instead.. hmm.. If I were in Japan, I'd wear it every winter!!(This isn't washable btw..)

This.. is beautiful, I think. I haven't seen it in store yet, maybe I missed it. I was just looking through Anthro site and found this. I should try it on next time!!
I saw this on Liz from Behind the Dressing Room Door and made me want to try other colors too!!

I thought this was "Dry Clean Only" but it's not!!! I want it I want it I want it I want it!!! But only if.... it gets another cut.../sigh

I bought this online with boots purchase before, but my normal size, S, was too big, so I returned it. Not sure if I like the puffy shoulder, but maybe on XS, it'd look better??

Looks comfy!!! I haven't seen it in store, but I am sure it's around somewhere!!

This reminds me of Emma from Glee. Love the secretary look.. a-nd washable! DING!

The items I thought I want... but they are the "Dry Clean Only" .. /sigh.. again..

GAH.... How am I gonna afford all that!!?? AND boots!??

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oops I did it again..

Okay, I wasn't going to buy anything from the sale but you know I have been wanting to buy SOMETHING!

I went to my local Anthro and these are what I got..

 Tomato Picking Skirt

 Wavy Cables Cardigan

Oh yes. I feel great!! I just needed some retail therapy!!

I've been checking Ruche but the dresses I want aren't restocked yet.. and not sure when..

The main thing I wanted from the sale was..

Cissus Button-Up, Gingham

I didn't ask SA to search for it but I looked through sale room I didn't see it... There were over 99 in stock online but paying for $7 is pain in the butt.. hmm..
Around 5pm today, the stock went down to 20 +

ummm... I want it... should I get it... umm...

Then I found a pair of Crystal Pattern Clogs pop back in my size!! 

Oh, I'm just so happy!

Did I order them??

Yes! Of course!!!

20 dollars, baby!!


Dress & Shoes: Anthropologie
Cardigan & Tee: Japan
Sweater Guard & Belt: Vintage
Inner Skirt: Handmade
Earrings: TanPoPo

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruche + ModCloth

I want to shop so bad...

I know I am not supposed to.. but.. I want new dresses! I don't know what I want.. I just want to buy something!!

Have any of you felt that way before???

Since I don't really have anything I love from Anthropologie this summer, I was surfing EA trade market and ebay.

I found these..

 Catmint Dress

 Study of Shapes Dress

I "think" I want them... If you have those dresses in size 2 sitting in your closet, let me know!!

Anthro has many beautiful pieces but most of them are "Dry clean Only"... sigh...

Maybe it's time to see what other stores offer!

From Ruche...

Found couple of things I want!!

Unfortunately, my size in those are out of stock... I am hoping they will restock them soon!!

From ModCloth, I found these.

I want all of them!!!!!!!! >.<

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I am loving these new boots I bought from the boots sale!!

 Jacket & Dress: Anthropologie
Boots: Luxury Rebel (Anthropologie)
Tights: Japan
Ring& Necklace: TanPoPo

There are couple more pairs of boots that I am hoping to buy this year.

 Belt Loop Cowboy Boots $358

Regalia Button Boots $528

If I could afford....