Monday, November 28, 2011

BF Sale Haul!!

Everyone's curious what everyone bought from BF sale..

Before I share what I bought.. I am desperately seeking...

Tweed Magnificent Sash S/M


and if you have one for me, please let me know!! (for sale price or less!!)

I hate crowds and I never liked going out on Black Friday.. but like for most of you, this year was an exception for me, too!!

 Anthro's email said ALL SALE ITEMS!!

50% OFF ALL sale items!? That's 75% off regular price!!!!!!

Everyone thought it was going to be clothing only, and I wasn't gonna go crazy since there aren't many "love" items in the sale room right now, but  ALL SALE ITEMS!! ?? 

I received BF sale email from several retail stores... but I had NO interests in spending $$ but Anthro!!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family (big dinner party! about 20 people in mah family!! and that's not all of them! ), and came home around midnight. I was exhausted and my daughter was asleep already. (Had so much sugar and fun with cousins!) so I set the alarm to 2:45am and 5:25am, then fell fast asleep...

zzzz..  I woke up from the first alarm, checked my shopping bag online. Then woah, the price was already marked down! Oh NOOOOO!!

I placed order right away.( but two of them were cancelled today.. cry cry..)

Woke up again at 5:25am, sneaked out the apt and drove to my local Anthro. When I arrived there, there were about 5 people waiting.
At the opening time, there were already 30+ people!!

So, these are what I bought!! (Price shown is the original price)

 Fractal Medallion Maxi $158

I had this dress in my wishlist, I tried it on, and oh wow, it's soooooo pretty!! I think I am going to wear this to Christmas Party!!

 Pansy Corset Trench $198

I didn't think they'd still have it in my size, but they DID! Yippie!! I saw this trench on Quinn (Glee) the other day, and thought it's cute, and on BF, I saw someone wearing it and it was REALLY cute!! 

 Ruched Marigold Coat $248

Another great find! It's amazing they still had my size! <3 <3
I probably prefer the Harvested Honey Coat, though..

 Trinket Flats,Key $98

Trinket Flats, Knots $98

I bought the orange/red a week ago, and love the fit!! Since I am a mom and don't get to wear heels that much, these flats will help me be cute still!!

Online order, 25%OFF

 Spotted Satchel $268
 Woven Saddle Boots $278


 High-Tied Boots $268

Parquet Heels $168 

Steep Buckle Moto Boots $258

Yesterday's Paper Newsboy $48

Before the sale day, I asked my husband how much I can spend for my Christmas present (from him) and he said buy whatever I want. ( oh he doesn't know what he's getting into!!! lol ) He probably meant one item ..

I spent too much..

Last night, my husband was looking at the bank statement (Oh no! Don't look!!)
I told him I will pay him back later (yeah like I don't make money...) but he said I don't have to pay him back!! WOOOOHOOOO!

Love love love love LOVE ANTHRO!!!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Items!!

These elegant origami paper crane earrings are carefully hand folded from 1.4x 1.4 inch kimono print papers (some of them are washi papers)

18K Gold plated Hooks. (Second versions will be 14K Gold Plated)

Each cranes has different patterns and has double coating for superb water resistance and durability.

Price: $24.00

Will be added in my shop in December!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Outfit and Black Friday Sale

Woohoo!! I was up until 3am for online shopping and went to my local Anthro at 5:40am!!

It was so much fun!!

There were about 30 people waiting for the store to open, but I was the 3rd person to enter the store, so I was able to grab what I wanted! I tried not to go crazy.. and there weren't many that I MUST have, so I went for flats and outers. I wanted to look through more but it was getting crowded around 6:30, plus,I left my daughter in bed sleeping, so I decided to just go home.

I will post more about my BF shopping sometime soon!

Here is the Thanksgiving Outfit!!

 Dress & Belt: Anthropologie
Tank: Japan
Boots: Luxury Rebel (Piperlime)
Earrings: TanPoPo

You can buy these boots (was sold at Anthropologie but sold out) at Nordstrom for $128 now!! If your size is sold out, maybe you can find them at Zappos for $187.99, Piperlime for $209.99!! You can get 20%OFF using code: TWENTY at until Nov. 28th!!

I played with my makeup and hairstyle on this day. I tried to make Mihican :) :) Can you tell??

How was your thanksgiving??

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Sale

25%OFF coupon for my shop TanPoPo

Code: Thanksgiving25

Good through November 30th!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Black Friday

Hello everyone! How is your weekend?

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on the last post. I talked to my parents last night and they seemed to be okay. I just hope that nothing goes worse than it is right now...

It's been raining here in CA and I HATE rain.... I don't like driving in the rain and I don't like walking in the rain. I just want to stay home all day.

Yesterday, I finally got to organize my husband closet. He's been telling me not to do anything with it but it was a huge mess! It took forever to clean up because my daughter thought I was playing with clothes, so she kept throwing and putting pants and shirts everywhere in the apt... sigh..

I kind of let her do it because then she'd have something to do while I'm cleaning. haha

What are your plans on Black Friday?? I am planning to go to my local Anthro at 6am, but I am starting to get scared.. Will it be crazy crowded?? People pushing and taking what I am trying to buy???

I've never really gone out on Black Friday that early, so I have no idea.. I believe that most of Anthropologie customers have good manners and they don't do crazy stuff... hmmmm

These are my last sale purchases from Anthro!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

feeling guilty..

Last week, I heard a bad news from my mom that my dad has a pulmonary emphysema.

He's been a heavy smoker for a long time and we all knew that his lungs would be bad by now, however, to hear something like that with a medical name really hurts. Plus.. my mom has been suffering Spinocerebellar Degeneration over 15 years and he is the one taking care of her at home.

What if he needs to stay in a hospital?? My mom can't stay home alone!

I have an older brother who lives about 4 hours away from them, and he is married and no kids. He or his wife could come help probably, but not sure.

When I got married and left Japan, I already felt guilty leaving my mom there. Actually I always feel guilty whenever I talk about her. Just simple question from people or even family-in-law, "How is your mom?" hurt my feelings because "she is NOT fine. I almost want to say "F you"...

And now I can't be there for both of them. What if something happens to my dad? I am far far far away from them when they are in pain. When is the last time I saw my dad's face???

The other day, I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about horrible things that might happen and I kept crying. And around 4am, I called my parents and got to talk to them on skype and felt better after seeing their face.

They both seemed the same as usual. My dad was joking how much he had to pay for the meds and he'd rather pay for cigarette instead. ha-ha! But of course, he had quit smoking since the doctor told him about the emphysema.

Now that I have a daughter, she comes top of everything. She is the center of my life.
I am still breastfeeding her sometimes, so I can't just leave her here with my husband. My husband and I made a rule that we don't let her cry by herself when she was born. We've always entertained her or get her interest in something else when she cry for something she can't have... I've never had anyone watch her besides my husband and even with him, 2 hours max. (I know.. it will be so hard for me to let her go to school..)
Anyways, I will have to fly back with her and it will make my parents happy but it'll be too hard to take care of three of them...

My husband was very thoughtful that he told me that if they really need our help, we could move back there and live with them for couple months. Even a year if we had to.

I am very very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and a precious daughter. :)

Okay, let's get back to optimistic topic!!

Tomorrow is Anthro sale and the Black Friday is almost here!! (10 more days!!)
Do you have anything you want to get???

I think I will go check out the store tomorrow morning for some boots sales!!


 Dress: Anthroplogie (ebay)
Vest: Anthropologie (Marshalls :P)
Boots: Steve Madden
Top & Scarf: Japan

I have been searching "washable" Anthro dresses and skirts from old seasons and this is one of the dress I found!

Monday, November 7, 2011


OMG, did you read the Black Friday post on EA?? I am sooo excited!! But.. I am not sure if I can go.. I hate crowds.. and I have a little girl... I think it is so mean to bring her there. lol I'd go only if my husband could stay with her at home!

And I am more excited about the Tag Sale in December!

Did you make any shopping plans??

Top: Japan
Cardigan & Necklace: Anthropologie
Skirt: J.Crew (From Lisa)
Boots: Pour La Victoire

I found this J.Crew skirt at Lisa's Shop Respect the Shoes.
The moment I saw it, I had to have it!! I am sooooo lucky to find such a cute skirt!!
Thank you so much, Lisa!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Oh gosh, I was exhausted when I got home last night...

My daughter was a nurse!! And I was a patient!

Everyone thought I had a broken arm for real.. lol

 My costume was so lame that I even forgot to take photo... but I have OOTD photo!

Cardigan & Tank & Pants: Anthropologie
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: TanPoPo

How was your Halloween???