Monday, April 30, 2012

Recent OOTDs

Happy Monday!
Finally, April is over!! I've been waiting for May forever! Yes! It's a shopping month for me!!

I've already received in store discount in the mail, and hoping to receive online by email!! Pleeeeease!! I'm ready to spend!!!!!!!!

April's last OOTDs

 Yep. These are my second Chie  Mihara!

And this was my relaxing day look!

Are you ready for May???

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vintage Jewel Lace Collar Necklace

I was making some more lace collar necklaces and I... may like it too much... The color is beige cream and have vintage look, and I used vintage golden rose cabochon (10 x 8mm), vintage yellow glass pearl (the second one is green glass pearl) to finish.

And this is the one from the first lace collar necklace collection. (I kept for myself, just fixed some parts). Wondering if I should list it.. This one is white lace with natural water pearls. 

This is a simple lace collar necklace.

I need to try these with some outfits before listing in my shop!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daring Dress!

It's already arrived!! Here is how I look in it!!

It got cooler after the day I posted about this jacket! I guess I get to wear this out soon enough!! YAY!

I have couple recent maxi outfits that I'd like to share :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orla Kiery Scarf

Happy Sunday!!
I just finished organizing shoe closet! Since summer is here, or almost here, I needed to take the sandals out and put the boots in the boxes!

Well, if you are following my blog for couple months, you know I was in Japan and went crazy on Orla Kiery Scarves that were sold at UNIQLO.

I did buy too many of them. Almost all color ways.

So, here, I am wondering if any of you want to buy these beautiful scarves off me!
I paid 990yen each which means about $12.50 plus shipping fee ($4 for US, not sure how much for international yet, but we'll see)

Please leave comment or send me email at keiko.week(at)gmail(dot)com

Available colors and patterns:  They are all New!

Red Sold

Light Green

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Non Anthro Purchases!

Happy weekend! It's super hot in CA! I can't believe I needed jacket last week and now all I need is a cami and shorts! What do I do with the Constructed Swing Jacket that I ordered on Tuesday..

Constructed Swing Jacket

Well, there is couple more things that I bought this week. I found this gorgeous dress by one of Anthro's brand, Darling on Hautlook the other day! There were couple more things I wanted but they went sold out before I got my hand on them.. It's probably good because I need to save $$ for Anthro Tag sale and my b day discount in May!

Eva Dress by Darling

Another purchase was from Saks 5th Avenue Outlet.
I've wanted color denims these days. I missed out Anthro's AG's and by the time they went on sale, I wasn't interested in that trend.

Anyways, I found a pair of beautiful pink washed pink denims that fit me perfect!

And bought two pairs of Chloe sunglasses for this summer!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I receive the dress! and it fit me perfectly!! LOve it sooooo mucH!!

Oh, did I tell you that I won the dress?? HE HE HE!!

Here is how I look in it!!

I had hard time styling it. I think I am gonna wear this dress for my husband's cousin's wedding in September!

Last night, I ordered bunch from the sale! I just had to place order right away because my daughter kept calling  me and was about to cry.. I didn't have time to look back, and didn't want to have the "oh I should have gotten it" feeling. so I just clicked "Submit Order"....
I will probably be returning some of the items next week. Plus, my birthday is coming next month!

Then went to my local Anthro in the morning while my daughter was asleep and took bunch of photos of the store! (Before

I found the Standby Ode Chamise in my size in the sale room and brought it home with me :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012