Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The tools!

Here are the tools I use to make lunch box! My daughter also love to make things with these.
Most of the tools are from Daiso, $1.50 store in Japan Town San Francisco.

 These punches and rice ball maker(?) are from Japan. I've been collecting these since my daughter was a baby.

 And these.. are the new tools from Japan town! (Yes, I am crazy!)

This is how I make ladybugs!

Cut mini tomatoes in half.

Cut seaweed into shapes.

Use mayo as glue. (Have you ever tried Japanese Mayo?? It's really good!)

Put them on the tomatoes!!

These are new things I'm trying..

Put boiled eggs in the case while it's hot.. then cool them in the fridge.

Let's play with cheese while waiting for the eggs to cool down.

My daughter loves this.

 Something else..

 Can you tell my daughter loves cheese??

More cheese! Ham x cheese x ham!

This is something I mix with rice sometimes..

I was gonna use the eyes but my daughter ate them when I was taking the photos!

And.. Tadaa! the eggs are cool now!

This looks great!


Friday, October 26, 2012


I am addicted to this cute dolls called Lalaloopsy!
Well, these are for my daughter, but I like buying them for her. My husband is sick of it, though...

Since this photo was taken, she's got about 10 more dolls..

They remind me of cute little Japanese anime dolls! Aren't they cute???

They are available at Target, Toys"R"us and some other stores!

And here we go! This week's lunch!



I made tiny corn cream croquettes before, and froze them in the freezer for Bento! My daughter loves them! Here's the recipe for Creamy Croquette (I didn't use this recipe for mine, but very similar.)

Have a nice weekend!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I've been wanting some simple, not too dressy, gold necklace for myself.

I had some beautiful hairpins I bought from Anthropologie last winter, but never ever used them because they were too big..

So, I was thinking.... what if... these were necklace??

And tadaaaa!!

I am sooooooooooooooo gonna wear them!! I'm genius!! lol

And some more necklaces I made for myself :)

And this.. I made it with leftover parts in the summer. This time, it's made for sale! It'll be in my Etsy store, TanPoPo, sometime soon :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I just couldn't keep it to myself! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this skirt I bought yesterday!!!

If you haven't... GO GET IT!!!!!!!!

Sweater: Dog Rose Pullover (2011)
Poncho: Cabled Cocoon Poncho (2011)
Boots: Belt Loop Cowboy Boots by Frye (2011)

I just love the pattern! and the color! and the length!!!!!! This is PERFECT!! I find it TTS for me. :) I have two mustard velvet skirts from Anthropologie, so I wasn't sure if I needed another one. But this, I have NO regret!!

There is another outfit that I want to share today!

Dress: Pieced Column Dress sold out
Scarf: Iznik Larks Scarf sold out
Boots: Claret Bow Boots (2011)
Ring: Nordstrom

I have been wanting to own gray version of Pieced Column Dress for a looong time. When I went to my local Anthropologie yesterday, I found one!!!!!! in brown!!! WOW, I might love this color more than gray!!
I am sooooo happy!!
When I am wearing this, I feel like.. "hey, check out my nice butt!" lol
My husband hasn't seen this yet, so hee hee, I am gonna surprise him later!! <3

Oh oh, and I have to share my lunch box from last week!

Apple bunnies!!