Monday, December 2, 2013

Recent Purchase

So.. I missed Black Friday, but the next day I couldn't resist my Anthro addiction.
I wanted the Taryn Crepe Shift in red and the Leo Pullover in both color (review here) at least. I brought retail numbers so I could ask them to order from the store.
Luckily I found the dress and some extras in the B&M. I ordered the sweater in ivory, the gray was out of stock. I hope I can find the gray someday. I need S!

I should have bought the dress right when it got on sale and they had 20%off dress promo. The dress could have been cleaner.. (Now I can tell lots of people tried it on.. )

Well, do you remember that I bought the Heath Button Boots a while ago? The boots were gorgeous. I am normally size 8 and got 39, it was little snag still but wearable. People say they are comfortable, and yes, they were but still too tall for me. I can't wear them often, with 5 year old.. It's worth paying $300 for sure, but they have to be perfect. I am hoping to get them on sale if possible.

When I returned the boots, I had some money again. I was sad, but also relieved a little. lol  And my hubby told me I can spend some $$ as Christmas present. YAY

I hope they will do extra % off again before Christmas. My daughter gets a stuffed animal from Anthro every year for one of her Christmas presents! So far, she has a hippo, a giraffe and an elephant!

Which one is the cutest??


Oh and one more thing that I am interested...

I saw this in store and it was so cute!! I don't normally use keychain, but I want this!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday!! wait.. it's over!!!?

Wow, it's already over.. phew..

Everyone who reads this blog know that I don't have any more money to spend..

Anthropologie offered 20% off everything for BF sale, and I decided not to go to the store. There were couple of full priced item I wanted but I knew that the dresses in my size I wanted are all sold out already.. Usually, I'd go to the store to just enjoy the atmosphere, but I was too lazy and sleepy.

After reading EA while having brunch with my husband and my daughter at a restaurant, I regret not going to the store.. I could have won $100!!!!!??

Well, my husband simply said, no, it's not gonna happen.

We got home around 6, so I could have gone to the store but it was dark, and I don't like driving in the dark..

Roxy mentioned they are offering 20% through the weekend, so I'll go check out tomorrow morning!! I'm a morning shopper!

And they just had new markdowns on Wednesday!

Here are what I would have bought if I could afford! And I will surely buy when they hit sale!

Clara Sweater Dress
Chromatique Dress
Chiaroscuro Shift
Modena Shift
Arslan Sweater Coat
Leopard Trapeze Coat
Delphine Poncho
Creature Feature Top
Ponte Bell Skirt
Spotted Paisley Square Scarf
Winter's Wildflowers Cowl
Tasseled Boteh Scarf
Fringed Gradation Scarf
Dame Collar

I know I have so many scarves in my wishlist.. I find them very useful!

Did anybody scored some good stuff today???

Recent outfit!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

OOTD + Recent Purchase

Target Mossimo Turtleneck,  Northern Lights Skirt, 
Pour la Victoire Malena Rider Boots (sim here, here and here),
 Vintage Necklace (my grandma's)

I had been looking for a back short sleeve/no sleeve turtleneck top and I found this at Target! I was so happy that it worked out. :) And this necklace was my grandma's. My mom gave bunch of grandma's jewelry when I was in Japan.

I started to enjoy dressing up again. I ended up not wearing the jacket though...

The North Face Aloona Dress, Anthropologie stretch pants (sim here),
 Hunter Carnaby Rain Boot (or here)

Did I tell you I bought a pair of red Hunter rain boots from COSTCO last month??
These are also Hunter, but snake print!! (Amd yes! We had rain in CA this week!!!)
I first found these at Nordstrom in this spring or last winter, and I was stalking them since then. And I finally bought them when I was in Japan.

This is the photo I fell in love!

Super duper rain boots, right!? Jenni!??

And here are two vintage Anthro coats! 
I bought them from Kimberly through EA.

They are gorgeous!!! Thank you!!!!

<Recent purchase>

Yes.. I am totally broke. I have no money in my bank account.. What am I gonna do for Black Friday sale!?? "Can I borrow 1k, hun?"
I know he'll just laugh..

I'll just play World of Warcraft...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Recent Outfits and my new jewelry

Happy Friday!! It's only two weeks from Black Friday!! yeahhh!!
Is it bad that I am more excited about BF sale than Thanksgiving?? lol

I've been shopping my own closet lately. Look what I could do with what I have!! I don't know why I keep wanting new clothes.. 

Standby Ode ChemiseGunpowder Boots, Muubaa Leather Jacket (sim here, here and steal), 
House of Harlow Necklace (exact here, here, here and here)

Did you know I make jewelry? Well, I had a store on Etsy. (It is not active right now. I am not sure if I will activate it again.)
And I made new earrings for myself!! I love them!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Japanese Curry & Rice

Does your child eat enough vegetables?

Thankfully, my daughter doesn't hate them, but she refuses to eat now and then.

I often make Cream Stew or Japanese Curry for dinner. It's easy to make, and clear the vegetables in the fridge! And the best part is that my daughter likes them and she eats everything in them!

My curry is sweet. Compared to the most curry that served in Japan, it's really sweet. and yummy!

What you need:
vegetables, anything in the fridge!
Potatoes, onions, and carrots are very common.

Today, I added...
potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet peas, baby corns, broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers, (I actually used "Asian Stir Fry Mix" from Trader Joes today.) Added extra potatoes, though.



raisins- this pack is from Trader Joes. Adding raisins makes it sweet!

Rice!! I buy Koshihikari from Japanese grocery store! My daughter and I eat rice almost everyday.. I even bought Japanese Rice Cooker when I moved here. This is very important for my life.. and hot bath every night. haha

Japanese Curry paste ( I like mixing two different curry. Vermont x Golden both "Mild")

Here's what you do.

Chop all the vegetables and apples in pieces. (I used one apple today) *Potatoes melt easily, so cut them bigger than others

Put vegetables in the deep pan.
Add water and put the lid on, boil, then turn the heat on low, put the lid back on.
Add some oil in a frying pan, (I use grape seed oil from trader joes) and fry (not deep fry, just cook) the chicken until you don't see any rare part. Oh I added salt and pepper here..

Add the cooked chicken and apples in the deep pan/pot. Put the lid on again, and cook until apples are soft. heat on Medium.

When it's done, add pastes (I used half of each today) heat on low, gently mix.
Add raisins, and mix.

 Tadaa!! I made the rice in a star shape for my daughter :)
The red thing on the side is some pickles. (called Fukujin zuke)


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Recent Lunch for my Love and Today's Breakfast

 This big lunch was for Field Trip Day, for my daughter and me :)

I made Sukiyaki for dinner last night, and used left-over for Miley's lunch, 
so I had some time to make french toast for breakfast! 
She helped making the apple compote last night.