Monday, February 18, 2013

Tabitha Dress + Mini Skirt

Good morning!!

Well, it is still dark.. 3AM

What am I doing?

I was checking Anthro's new markdown!!

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything I want from new markdown but I did find something that REALLY tempting!!

Tabitha Dress $288 $39.95!!!

Tabitha Mini Skirt $248 $34.95!!!

Well, I ordered both of them...
I ordered size 0 for the dress (sized down according to Roxy's review)
and ordered my normal size 2 for the skirt.

I received both of them... and they both didn't fit me.. :(
I am returning both of them soon.

They are both sold out now (March 1st)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recent Outfit + New Purchase

Good morning, ladies!!

I don't know why but I am in a good mood this morning! I am awake and feel like moving around already!
Maybe because I took a hot bath twice last night?

Peter Pan Pretender SweaterJ Brand Cargo Skinny (similar here, here and here), 
Maryam Tank (Newer virsion is called Gilga TankI), Splashed Buckled HoboAnticipation Heels

Rainy Day Pullover,
AG Stevie Ankle Polka Dot Cords in Gray (in Blue),
Bowed Lacerta Mary-JanesEver-Present Satchel, Collar Necklace (similar here and here)

Take A Bow Sweater, J Crew Shirt (similar here)
Dilated Lace SkirtPrized Rose Peep-Toes

The new purchase??

Well, I just had a Banana Republic gift card since December and I have been wanting to buy something on Piperlime! 

Did you know you can use any of those Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic gift card toward Piperlime??

This morning, I saw they are offering 20%OFF sitewide (coupon code XOXO), so why not buy something now!?
And this is what I bought!!

I have known about this necklace for a long time but it was such a popular piece and I never paid attention to it.
But I saw someone wearing it in the mall (probably the one with Black Resin) and it looked fab!!

This also comes in Red Leather and Khaki Leather from Piperlime and I just found out that Nordstrom and Shopbop carry one in white leather!!! I might want THAT!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Wish List

Good evening!! It was such a beautiful day here in California!!
We even went to the beach to play! It was windy but warm enough to play on the sand :)

I have been away from shopping for a while but there are couple of items I want to have!

From J Crew..

I actually ordered this with 15%off coupon last month. But it is back ordered until March 25!! 

This is new arrival. I found it after I ordered the Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket. I saw it in store the other day, and I might want this one more?  I might want both of them!!

I saw this on a blog, called Bows & Sequins. I love the way she's wearing the shirt!! I never thought I could wear two shirts at the same time! But after looking into some J Crew shirts, I found out that it was quite popular in J Crew world!! 

I have these three items in my shopping bag..

I am hoping.. they will offer some extra % off sale full price around President Day!! 
Will they???

What do you think?? 

From Anthropologie..

I love the color of this sweater!! 
I was looking for a top with a big heart, so this is perfect! 

And this is my daughter's top.. :) We are going to have a matching outfit! <3

This top caught my eye when I went to make a return. I still haven't tried it on yet.
I don't think I will buy it for $80 but I definitely want to own it one day!

There are two dresses I want to add in my closet.
I probably have to choose one, though.. 
Which would you pick if you were me!??


From Chie Mihara Collection...

 I especially want the KINKO!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

OOTDs and lunch :)

Happy Thursday!!

It's the school morning again!! I hate waking up by alarm!!! >.<

I have been away from blogging again.. sigh.. I do not know how to make time for this sometimes!!
My little monster loves me so much that she wants me with everything she does!!
She makes me nuts sometimes but she is so darn cute!

Yesterday, I asked her...
"Why do I love you so much???"
Then she said..
"Because you made me."


I adore her sooo very much!!

Anyways, I'd like to share my recent outfits today :)
Yes! I got my camera back!!!

Vintage Ring, Pour la Victoire Boots,
Gucci Watch similar HERE

Free People Sweater,

Gucci Purse similar HERE

I told myself.. not to go crazy on Anthro sales this year. 
I really need to start wearing what I have!

But I bought some from this Monday! lol I think I did pretty good not buying everything I thought I wanted..

And this is my daughter's lunch for today!

Have a wonderful day!!

I have one item for sale!!
Transatlantic Bag retail $228  Asking for $115 $110 $100 shipped

Please check my blog sale post for photos! HERE