Friday, March 29, 2013

Recent Outfits and New Jewelry

Oh wow! It's already Friday! Time goes by so quickly these days!

I've been shopping my own closet and trying to put outfit from what I have in there! 
I really want to take advantage of Anthro's 20%off promo but I'm saving up for my trip to Japan in summer!
I'll probably break down in May, which is my birthday and anniversary month.. 

Reed Shirtdress, Rectangle Rings Belt,

And I'd like to share some jewelry that I made for myself this week :)

I love gold jewelry but this year, I want to try some silver! 
I am not completely sure about the necklace, so it might change.

I really love this zodiac necklace Anthro had long time ago, and been meaning to make one just like it, but it's been hard to find pieces. 

Does anyone have the original version? How big is it?? How does it look like on??

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

20% Off Dress!!

Good afternoon, Ladies!
Last night, I was browsing Anthropologie and noticed all the full priced dresses were marked down in my wishlist!

Too bad I can't spend any money right now..

There are many dresses I want!!

Silk Mabel Dress
This looks so cute! Silk and washable!!?

Smocked Malee Dress I want a new white dress for summer. I believe it'll be short for me, but can wear it as a tunic, right??

Chessia Dress (review here) Oh, I have three striped dresses, but this... I think I have to have it. The fit was perfect!

Bottle Green Dress I think this is new arrival. I am a sucker for mint color. I reeeally want to try this!

Klompen Tulip Dress I've had my eye on this dress for a while now. It's a casual dress. I could imagine wearing it to my daughter's school!!

Cebu Maxi Dress I wish this was full maxi. I love the pattern but why is front short!? I hate that design.

Triple Bow Dress Ugh. Another stripes!! But... check out the detail in the back!! It's so cute.. How many stripe dress do I need? I keep telling myself but umm I want this too..

Skyscape Maxi Dress It's a stunning dress. I love maxi and I don't have maxi with this color! I need to have it!

Floral Filigree Shirt Dress From front, it looks fab but in the back, it doesn't look like it has a shape. I want to try it on. I love the sleeves!

Athena Dress Man, is this going to go on sale!? Is it a good chance?? I love love love this dress on Sayaka, and want to see if it works for me! I love the color!

Segmented Labyrinth Dress Why is this so expensive? I love the pattern and the color is perfect.

Did you already used this promo?? Or will you??
I reeeally want some new dresses but first, I need to sell... boo!

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Last night, I was playing with my daughter and ended up making a pair of earrings for me!

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Just like the catalog shot!

And over, I wore Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket $168

Personally, I like it closed. It shows off the details of the jacket!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hi! It was such a beautiful day today!
I took my daughter to a local puppet show this morning, then had a picnic with her cousin.

It was really hot.. I need to buy a new sunhat for my daughter!

It's sad to say bye bye to my precious boots, but I cant say that I'm happy to see my sandals out of boxes!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blog Sale

NWT Tartan Boucle Blazer size 2 $60 shipped

NWT Macchiato Jumper size 4

Runs small. It fits like size 2  $60 $50 shipped

NWOT Tria Sweater Skirt Small $60 $50 shipped SOLD

I found a tiny whole but I sew it and now can't even see where it was.
Please check the photos!!

 This is from inside.

 This is how it looks from outside.

EUC Secret Keeper Tank $20 shipped

Modcloth Pony Tales Top S $30 $25 shipped SOLD

NWOT ShopRuche Elite and Chic Bow Top S $45 shipped SOLD

New Eva Dress by Darling $100 $90 shipped

please email

Review Chessia Dress and Trousers

Hello!! My daughter is at school and I have couple hours for myself this morning!! YAY! 
I have some reviews to share!!

Chessia Dress $148 Fits TTS. I am wearing size 2. The laces on the chest is pretty, and the patterns are cute! Has pockets, and the attached slip has cute lace trim (it is hidden) aaaand washable!!

If I didn't have Madewell Striped Duet Dress, I'd buy this, but for now, just wishlisted!

Brocade Charlie Trousers $118

I tried on many pants on this day and Brocade Charlie Trousers $118 were my favorite. Anthro site review says runs large but to me, it was TTS or even had to size up. I know I've gained some weight lately.. so I will try them again after I loose some!!
Love the detail!! These will be my next patterned pants!

Megaflora Charlie Trousers $118

I had a high hope for Megaflora Charlie Trousers $118 but it was disappointing.
Runs small, I had to size up. They looked cute on model shot, and probably most people love these, but just not for me. The green flowers are on the side where fattest part on legs, and my thigh looked huge in these. I just couldn't stand myself in these. Pass!

Miniflora Charlie Trousers $118

Miniflora Charlie Trousers $118 fits small on me, I sized up. (but again, I've gained some weight these days, so it might be TTS?) Love the flowers and love the detail of the hem. These were the only ones that had this hem.

1969 printed always skinny skimmer jeans $69.95
1969 floral always skinny skimmer jeans $69.95 $54.99

They both fit TTS. They are little cheap looking but hey, they are cheap! Gap is offering 30%OFF right now!!

J Crew

I can not find this shirt online. It was light weight and soft shirt. I loved it!! I hope it won't sell out before I get to buy it!!

Chambray Shirtdress $118 Fits TTS It's simple, and cute!

Stripe Jersey Maxiskirt $75
Since it's stretchy waist, I sized down to XS. I love this but can't find this color online. Very light and soft and cozy!!

J Crew's Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket $168 and Charlie Fatigue Jacket $188 review coming soon!

Today's lunch box!