Monday, August 26, 2013

Kate Spade Purse from Devil Wears Prada

I have a favor to ask everyone...

I am searching for a purse that is shown in Devil Wears Prada.

All I know about the purse is that it is Kate Spade.

Anyone know anything about it??

My friend wants to own the bag..

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anticipation Heels!!!

Woah!! I was checking Anthro's new sale last night and I found something really awesome!!!

Anticipation Heels are back!!!!!!!!!  The new name is Nava Heels.

Am I late for this game?? lol

I am just so happy that I wanted to share.. :)

There are couple more things that caught my eyes! I am soooo excited to go back to the states!

I haven't shopped much since I got here, (well I don't have much time alone) but I took a quick photo shoot trip in the shopping area under Kyoto Station.

Everything in this store is 300 yen! They have some cute stuff :)

I used to shop here.

Sun blocking umbrella is a must! (I don't have it..)

Some cute outfits :)

I really liked these skirts! They are imported from England.

 More outfits

These shorts caught my eyes right before going up the escalator.

Thank you for all of your comments btw! I don't use internet as much but it makes me happy to know someone is waiting for my updates!!

Have a nice weekend!!