Monday, December 2, 2013

Recent Purchase

So.. I missed Black Friday, but the next day I couldn't resist my Anthro addiction.
I wanted the Taryn Crepe Shift in red and the Leo Pullover in both color (review here) at least. I brought retail numbers so I could ask them to order from the store.
Luckily I found the dress and some extras in the B&M. I ordered the sweater in ivory, the gray was out of stock. I hope I can find the gray someday. I need S!

I should have bought the dress right when it got on sale and they had 20%off dress promo. The dress could have been cleaner.. (Now I can tell lots of people tried it on.. )

Well, do you remember that I bought the Heath Button Boots a while ago? The boots were gorgeous. I am normally size 8 and got 39, it was little snag still but wearable. People say they are comfortable, and yes, they were but still too tall for me. I can't wear them often, with 5 year old.. It's worth paying $300 for sure, but they have to be perfect. I am hoping to get them on sale if possible.

When I returned the boots, I had some money again. I was sad, but also relieved a little. lol  And my hubby told me I can spend some $$ as Christmas present. YAY

I hope they will do extra % off again before Christmas. My daughter gets a stuffed animal from Anthro every year for one of her Christmas presents! So far, she has a hippo, a giraffe and an elephant!

Which one is the cutest??


Oh and one more thing that I am interested...

I saw this in store and it was so cute!! I don't normally use keychain, but I want this!!