Thursday, July 31, 2014

World of Warcraft Shaman Mail Transmog

Hehe... here is my WoW addiction memories!

I can not explain how addicting the game is. I used to play this game before Miley was born and I started to play it again since she is in school. Now I quit again, but I know I will play it someday in the future.

I am not a game person, though.. My husband tried to introduce me to some other games but this was the only game I liked. (Yes, he got me into this first!)

What I liked the most about being addicted WOW was... I did not care about shopping! I've saved so much money while I was playing it... though... my husband says it's not "saving". LOL

Anyways, here is my beloved troll shaman <3

Well... I spent so much "gold" while I wasn't using much "dollars". :)
Which "outfit" do you like the most?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to my little princess!

She is 6 today!!

I made her a surprise birthday cake this morning.
Well.. I just mixed up the red velvet cake mix.. yeah it's super easy.. lol

But instead of sugar/butter frosting, I used whipped cream mixed with yogurt. It's less fat (I think?) and taste yummy!! You'll just have to take water out from yogurt over night in fridge, and just mix it when you make whipped cream! (After the cream is hard enough..)


 And I made three layers with strawberry slices!

I woke her up singing Happy Birthday!! And this was her breakfast! lol


Monday, July 21, 2014

Recent Outfits Ashbury Maxi Dress review

Howdy, ladies and gentlemen! 

It's been weird weather in California! It almost feels like Autumn is here already! Here are my recent outfits <3

J Crew Polka Dot shirt
Vintage Red Leather Purse (Etsy) 
Rosegold Hanna Wedge Sandal 

I love this polka dot shirt I bought last year! If you take a close look at it, you'll see why it's special :)

Taupe-Tied Booties

wait.. this gorgeous Ashbury Maxi Dress is $29.95 now!? wow if you could find it anywhere, you are so lucky!! I am wearing size S, which is my normal size. It's Polyester, but Dry Clean Only. You could probably wash it home if you could iron it......

It's soft, light, and airy. The buttons on the neck are cute details too. It has no lining, so I wore half slip (here, here, here, and here)  Back is little longer than front as you can see. 

Here, I am posting this photo again, because I took some fabric close up photos for you! It's silk, omg.. it's worth every penny. This is a keeper!! I am wearing XS/S, I'd say TTS. Check my last post for more detail. 

When you open up the wings(?) it's a bit disappointing. Well, no reason to be disappointed, but I don't know... I was amazed how this Estrella Maxi Dress is made.  Basically, it's two silk scarves attached together. I may be make a dress like this???

Well, since I was into this game World of Warcraft so much.. I want to share some of my WoW addiction on my blog. I wasn't just killing stuff in the game.. You'll the next post@!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Estrella Maxi Dress. recent outfits and my wishlist

 House of Harlow 5 Station Necklace (exact here and here)
Brinjal Pendant Necklace  (2013 my post here)
Mika Gladiators (2013 my post here)

This gorgeous Estrella Maxi Dress $168, I saw it in catalog, it was love at first sight! I bought it with my birthday gift card my husband gave me! (I didn't even use my bday coupon with it..) I tried it in store, and it was TTS, I am normally XS, and S and this one comes in two sizes, XS/S, M/L. 
The dress is super light weight silk. And according to the care tag, it is washable. (I am not sure if I want to do that though.. )

Estrella Maxi Dress is sooooooooo pretty, isn't it!!??
I have the perfect sandals to go with it, the Mika Gladiators I bought in 2013. It was love at first sight as well. I just bought these right before I went to Japan for the summer I believe.

But I am not sure what necklace I'd wear with.. These House of Harlow 5 Station Necklace and Brinjal Pendant Necklace popped up for me in my closet, so I tried them on. Which one would you like more??

Mixed Stripe Jersey Chemise (sim here and here
Pip Knit Blazer (sim here and here)
Neroli Scarf (sim here and here)

This Mixed Stripe Jersey Chemise is super cozy, and cute! I am not sure when I bought it, probably last year. I often wear maxis in summer! I don't even have to think much what to wear, I just put it on, and I am ready to go! 

Pilcro Stet Slim Straight (sim here and here)
Finest Hour Heels
Double Torsade Necklace (bought from EA trade market)

I wore white shoes to make my legs look longer, and slim. And added bright colored necklace to make me look taller :)

Anthropologie is still having 20%off sale promotion, but I am pretty much done shopping from them this season. Well, if I had non limited credit card, sure, but there are other things I want... 

These are what I want right now!!

  Fendi Ceramic Timepiece square (exact here, here and here)

 Fendi Ceramic Timepiece round (exact here, here and here)

Square or round... which one would you choose!!?? 
If you ever see them on sale somewhere.... please let me know!!!!!!!!

And I want a new wallet.. I am feeling like, red or orange this time. And this one caught my eyes!!

Tory Burch Holly Continental Zip (exact here and here)

I overcame my World of Warcraft addiction (well, at lease for now..) and here I come.. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tidal Maxi Dress review and OOTD

So.. I fell love in this Tidal Maxi Dress when I saw it in the store, and later that night, I saw it online and loved even more!

I had to go back to the store and try it on.

And I did!! 

Here is my review.

Tidal Maxi Dress $148 TTS, I was trying size S, the dress is super comfy and feels great. Looks lovely. I am 5'7" and the length was perfect. I could go down to XS, I'll try XS next time!

BUT.... look at the second picture! That is what's going to happen after couple wear! This was in the store... you know... It reminded me of the Fractal Medallion Maxi that I loved. I really really really loved the pattern on the maxi but I couldn't wear the dress after one season..

And I noticed that the prints on the dress position looked pretty same on the other dresses, but color of the dress looked different, just like the first Anthro site photo. There were lighter version, and yellowish version. And seemed like lighter version has less pilling. Why is that? What was going on?? I don't know... Oh and I guess if you take a closer look, the tie dye looks different on the right and the left!?

I was so going to buy the dress full price but with the pilling, I'd wait for sale, and I might not even buy it...
Maybe the lighter version, if I find it in my size next time in the store!

And what I wore today!?

Tomato Picking Skirt (bought in 2011), 
Havaiana Flip Flops (here and here)