Friday, August 1, 2014

Recent Outfits and Recent Purchases!

Happy Friday!!
Anthropologie has been very generous this past weeks! Did you take advantage of the Anthro day? new sales? or free shipping??

I was busy thinking about this Fendi Ceramic Large Square Watch that I fell in love,

There are 25mm square one, you can find it at NordstromSaks Fifth Avenue, Lord & taylor and round one here, here, and here.
I picked the 30mm one that doesn't have diamonds in it. I simply couldn't afford another 1k!! but they are super duper gorgeous!! Oh, and they have black ones too... I'm dead!!!

And I bought a new Tory Burch Wallet a week ago.

So, I should not spend any money at all... for at least for a month.. I could not buy anything from Anthro during their promotions. :(

 Gathered Hemlock Dress (sim here and here),
 Plaited Cayenne Sandals (sim here ), Necklace (handmade)

 Eyelet Sheath (sim here and here), Prainha Sandals
Lace Divide TeePalm Tassel Scarf,
AG Farrah High-Rise Skinny Jeans, Muted Turns Wedges

Have a wonderful weekend!!