Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eclipsed Stripe Cardigan Rokin Dress Spacedye Swing Tunic Isabel Dress Needlepoint Garden Dress Painted Plaid Dress Review!

Phew! That was a long title!

Good morning! It's Thursday but my daughter has no school today! YAY

Yesterday I went to my local Anthro to check out some new arrival but most of the items that I wanted to try weren't even there. Boo...

Here are the dresses and a cardigan I tried on. Sorry for the bad photos.. My phone sucks..

Before I start, let me tell you something about me...

I hardly ever buy anything from Anthropologie full price. I would get it if I had income myself (I am a home-staying mom/ housewife? well I live in apt.. hmm) or if I reeeeeeeeeeally really love it. But I love shopping and I always find more and more things I like at the store, so I just wait... and wait... till it's on sale, and buy two or three different pieces instead.. Anthropologie always have beautiful things and I can not quit it. I just have to have everything.. 

My point is.. in this review, I say "I'll get it on sale"  and that means I recommend it. I would buy it full price if I had more $$$ I can spend!! :P

I mostly tried on dresses yesterday but I had to try one cardi that I found in store.

Eclipsed Stripe Cardigan $118
I tried on Navy, size S. I am 5'7" and the length is right. I like the stripe that you can see through. But it was not soft material, more like nylon on my skin.. and yep it says nylon, acrylic online.
I can imagine getting snagged.. I did not like it so much but I like "long cardigan" so I might get this when it's on 2nd cut (if I can find it).

 Next is...

Spacedye Swing Tunic $128
I tried on Moss, S and wow... It was big.. It's a swing dress/tunic? but hmm I think I should size down to XS to have the model look on their site. I like the material and the detail in the back and this will be such a comfy everyday dress. I can see myself wearing it a lot, so I might get more than one color.

Oh and check this out.. I really wanted to try this one!

Needlepoint Garden Dress $188
I tried on 4. Yes I read the review before I went to Anthro. I am normally size 2 (sometimes 0) but everyone says size UP so I grabbed size 4 and I am glad I did.
Size 4 fits me perfect. It was much darker/dull than the website photos in store, and I almost missed it. It's much more... autumn-ish. The material is thick, but not too thick, and well made. Of course, it's $188..  and oh wait... it's washable!!

DING! I am moving this dress to my "MUST HAVE" wishlist. lol
I will have to wait for the sale of course but hmm I will have to get it for $100. It's a beautiful dress and I can imagine wearing it for a loooong time and will be one of my favorite pieces in my closet!

The color on this photo is not quite right.. 

Onto next...

Isabel Dress $128
I tried on S, and fits perfect. I wasn't wowed by website, but I like it. Not love, though. The bow on the side is cute, and very comfy and I can wear this with my daughter and run around with her. And washable, so yeah. Maybe if I pair with gorgeous necklace, this can be a party dress. Hmm.. I started to like this dress more while I am writing this review. lol
I might purchase on the first cut.

Next is....

Rokin Dress $168
I tried on Orange, size 2. It fits TTS but if you are busty, you'll have to size up I think. I have small chest and looked like this.

I like it once I put it on but man... it was hard to put on. lol and zipper is on the side.

I guess it is not THAT hard to put it on, but much harder than other dresses lol
Let me see.. is this washable? ahh.. YUP it is!! But it's not really something I'd wear everyday.. so maybe 2nd cut..

Finally, the last dress I tried on..

Painted Plaid Dress $158
I am wearing size 2, fits TTS but again, if you are busty, you might have to size up.
This was hmm not bad, but not wow. It's still a beautiful dress but I will want some accessory with it. Maybe a scarf, maybe a belt. I personally don't like the model shot. It looks bottom heavy and make her look short. What do you think?
Oh wait.. this is Dry Clean? mehh

Did anyone notice I got a haircut?
I got rid of soooo much hair!! It was just too annoying, and damaged, so chop chop!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Anthro Day! Take 15% off All Items!!

Wow! What a nice surprise this morning!!

I opened email and got this!

This one-day in-store and online offer solely extends to Anthro members through Saturday, 9/20/2014 at 11:59 p.m. PT. It cannot be combined with any additional promotions, nor applied to BHLDN merchandise, furniture, lighting, previous purchases or the purchase of gift cards. If shopping online, enter the one-time-use code above at checkout.

It is super tempting... I almost bought some full priced item but... shipping fee turned me off..

It's Saturday, that means husband is free... He'll probably want to go out, but I'll try to go to my Anthro to see if they have what I want!!

My current wishlist looks like this:

I really need to win Sweeptakes this year... 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer Purchase 2014

Dianthus Pendant necklace

Non Anthro

I normally don't shop at Gap, but when we were out at the mall, we went in, and bought bunch of clothes for my daughter. Then they gave us spend $200 and save $100 coupon, so we went back during the promo, and bought more clothes for my daughter... I had to spend some more, so I grabbed these yoga pants. 

I am loving them sooo sooo much!! Super comfy (of course) and easy to wear in the morning when I get ready for school. I'd recommend these for any moms out there! Online, the prices aren't showing sale, but I thought they were marked down to almost half prices in store. Check them out!

Patagonia Shorts