Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Something you might enjoy...

Good morning!! I am busy packing right now, but I have some photos I took last time when I went to Anthropologie!

Before it's too late, I will share them here!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

What I kept and not kept

Happy Friday!

When my daughter started her first grade, I was so worried and sad how I can handle being away from my sweet sweet girl for such a long time!

Now, I am pretty okay with her staying at school until 2:20pm 4 days a week. I am actually loving that I have more time for myself, and enjoy going to have latte or have lunch with my husband without her. I was surprised we could actually "have conversation". lol

Every Friday morning, after I send my daughter to school, I feel relieved. I don't have to wake her up in the morning for 2 days. Phew! Maybe it gets better when the summer time is over..
Is it just me? or is morning intense time for every moms!?

Anyways, I believe everyone knows that Anthropologie is having extra 25%off sale items. Including price adjustment I've received, these are what I got this month!!

I ordered both color but I only kept the pink one. I am hoping to get the blue one for 2nd cut or further cuts since it's more of a summer piece! It's getting cool here, in CA and I don't feel like shopping summer clothes anymore!

Did I just say I don't feel like buying summer clothes? Yes! but I bought all three colors of Matepe Dress. Online review says to size down, but I bought my normal size S and I love how it looks on me!
I bought all three.... because, they are great price! and washable, and easy to dress! Plus, with accessory, such as scarf, and boots, and a jacket or cardigan over, this dress can be worn in fall in CA!! And the colors aren't so summery, are they?

When I can't pick one color, I just order all of them, and return the one I don't admire. But this time, I just couldn't pick one, so I had to have them all!! Even my daughter told me to keep everything!

And guess what!?

I bought a new pair of boots from Free People last month.

I paid...

full price!! ..oh.. maybe not? I used my bday coupon!!

But I've wanted these boots over 2 years, I think.. and I still wanted them!! SO, why not!!

I still haven't worn them out yet.. Once I have them in my closet, I am happy.. but hopefully, I can wear them soon and share my outfit on my blog!! These boots are FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Leather is suede-ish, very soft, and fits TTS!

I have couple outfits photos here :)

Excuse me for the mess in the back... I was packing!! 

My house searching is over... for now...

We ended up not buying a house right now, and moving to... San Diego!!
Well it's a long story... We might buy a house there, but we are hoping to buy a house in Marin County or Lake Oswego, OR in couple years. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

wow! I won!

Happy Friday, boys and girls!

oh wait.. it's Saturday already?? Aweee!

It's been super busy these days.. 24 hours a day doesn't seem enough to me right now! CA is getting chilly and finally feel like fall is here! I took some coats and boots out of box last month but I need full winter gears out! I can't stand cold weather!!

We've been searching a perfect house and since houses here are super expensive, we are considering Lake Oswego, OR area.. Does anyone know anything about the area?? I heard it rains 98% of the year and winter is cold... and long... and depressing.. but it's safe beautiful place.. 

It rained couple days ago here and it was already depressing for me.. so maybe it's not a good idea moving there huh... but what if I had a huge house?? Maybe not so much??

Anyways, back to the title!! YES I did win!! Remember I was talking about sweeptakes 10k shopping spree?? I really thought I'd win that but nahh I didn't win that one.. lol 

I won Jenni's blog Giveaway!!! YEEHAAAAAAAAW!! I can't believe it!! When she sent me email, I was helping my daughter in the bathroom.. umm..

What am I gonna buy!? There are couple things I have been eyeing but they are pretty new, but maybe some will make it to sale this coming Monday!! 

First Frost Vest $168 and Anstice Tunic Dress $138 This set is sooooo cute!! I want both of them so bad. Really, really really cute!!!!

Mesilla Jacquard Coat $188 Did I tell you how cold is in the morning!? I saw this coat? more like a cardigan, and yes, I have something like this but this one covers my butt! and have hoodie! I WANT IT!

 I can't find this on their site either!! It's a sweater coat. I am craving nice warm coat right now!

Stitched Jali Coat $298 It's pricey.. yeah.. it's by Tracy Reese so it makes sense.. maybe.
This year, I am looking for simple coat. No pattern, something I can pair with my unique design dresses! This coat is fabulous!!!

Sigh.. I have so many things I want... 

Oh I almost forgot to tell you, I bought Uniqlo Light Weight Down Jacket yesterday!! with my hubby's card... I bought it with my daughter's, so yeah you know.. it's okay to spend his card.. And I needed it to wear in the morning! 

I hope these will keep us warm in the morning.....

Thank you again, Jenni!! I will let you know what I buy with the giftcard!! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Review Part 3! Derry Jacket, Shawled Wool Sweater Coat, Maija Cocoon Cardigan, Plaid Peasant Top, Risen Sun Sweater Dress S, Tonal Tides Cardigan

Review Part 3!! WEEEEE!! It was pretty good markdown today!  Lots of 2nd cuts! I knew it!! I knew it!!
My MUST HAVE items didn't get any cuts though..  I ordered some 2nd cuts dresses, and two racks online last night, and I went in the store to check out some more new arrivals :) Did you score anything good??

Plaid Peasant Top $88
I saw this top on a SA the other day and I've wanted to try it on! It's cozy and so cute! It's more of a Free People piece than Anthro I think.
I tried on XS since they didn't have any more S. It still fits me, but I'd prefer S for longer length.

Shawled Wool Sweater Coat $198
Tried on my regular size S, Moss. WOW! This is LOVE! It's simple, but I can imagine wearing this a lot with different outfits. Its probably not warm enough for snow, but perfect for cold morning in Fall! I didn't like the color, though.. I wish they had more colors, like red, navy... If not, I'll buy one in Ivory.

Materials and feels of this coat is just like the Kirklees Sweater Coat I have.  I'd totally go for the sale price. And hope it'll have 20%off or something around Thanksgiving <3

And tadaaa!! Tonal Tides Cardigan went sale today! I was so excited that I ordered both color ways last night.. Shipping fee was nearly $15. wooow... how many lattes do I have to give up this time??

Tonal Tides Cardigan $118 $59.95
I am wearing size S, TTS Light weight summer cardi. I didn't see any moss,pink motif in store, but I've seen it before and I ordered it, so you'll see it on me someday!
The color of this cardigan is.. just.. so.. PRETTY!!

Next, I like cocoon cardi, so I wanted to try it on..

Maija Cocoon Cardigan $128
I am wearing size S. Ummm...  I like the way I look from the side but not from front.
I don't know what I was looking for, but I already have  Fringed Jacquard Cardigan, so this is a pass for me.


Risen Sun Sweater Dress $148
Today, I tried on size S. See, it's huge! Maybe it's the style, but I am not loving it. The slip is the right size, though.. What do you think?? Check out the size XS review here.

Derry Jacket $148
Wearing size S, I could probably go down XS since it's roomy, but I like the way it looks when I zip the jacket. So, I'd say TTS. If you are pregnant, this is perfect jacket! Lots of room around tummy!

I actually really liked this jacket, it was very warm and soft. I might get it on 1st cut!

Check out my latest reviews here and here!

Lately, I feel like a day is too short. I need more than 24 hours a day!!
I have a lot going on in my head right now..

My daughter and I are into Skulpey these days. I am so ready to make beads and new jewelry! Maybe I will reopen my etsy store!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Review part 2 Fairisle Sweater Jacket Spacedye Swing Tunic Tiled Amethyst Dress Risen Sun Sweater Dress Poppy Palette Dress Aven Dress

Spacedye Swing Tunic $128
Today, I tried on Wine and XS. Moss and S review here.
So... S was huge on me... and XS.. hmm around hip was perfect, I guess I'd like it longer, but yeah it was okay. But around my arm was little too fitting for my liking. It might shrink, you know.. I love the color, though.
So if I am ever gonna buy this tunic, I'd buy size S although I felt it was huge. It is a "swing" tunic, so.. maybe that's just a style..

Next dress..

Aven Dress $138
TTS, I am wearing size S
It has no liner, very light weight and comfy.
Nothing amazing about this dress for me, so pass..

Maybe I wasn't in shopping mood..

Tiled Amethyst Dress $148
TTS, I am wearing size S, it has lining, has stretch on waist, bust, so even you are busty, you could go with your regular size I think.
I already own something like this, and nothing sparks to me, so pass. Washable, though..

Poppy Palette Dress $198
I am wearing size 2. I can wear my size.. but it has no room for me to move. So I'd say, size up.
I didn't like the feeling of the fabric, kind of cheep looking. And oh look, it's dry clean only.. and whaat? Polyester? Hmm.. Too expensive for what it is, and the fitting is off. So pass unless it gets 3rd or even 4th cut. lol I like my  Lolanthe Dress way more!

Next is the new arrival!

Risen Sun Sweater Dress $148
Tried on XS because it looked huge on hanger. But I should have tried on my normal size S.
I can fit in XS but I didn't like the length. It was light weight, the inner slip was removable, and I had to remove it to put it on because the knit got caught on my bra..
Another reason I can't buy XS is that the slip was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short for me. It was more like a cami. Really??
Well, I have to try S next time for sure.  Not a love for me, though..

Let's get warmer!

Fairisle Sweater Jacket $198
Tried on S, TTS Although, it wasn't love for me, I might like it more than my Hesa Cord Coat I got last year. It's light weight, and love the feel. I like how the model is wearing this with wine dress.

Did you find anything you want?? Is there anything you want me to try?? Let me know!
I have some more new arrivals I want to try but my local store doesn't have them yet, so I will go check in a couple weeks.

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