Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Wow! It's the day already!!

Merry Christmas!!

Anthro just had a new markdown!

Check the Fresh Cut

I placed order... but haven't gotten confirmation email.. I see it on my order history, though....


Last night's outfit!

Embroidered Foret Cardigan $238 $199.95 (review here
Steep Buckle Moto Boots (sim here and here

Which present do you want??

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Free People Sale on Sale!! and 20% off selected gifts Anthro!

Good Morning!!! OMG!

Can you believe Christmas is almost here!?

Now I have a new house... and I have been busy cleaning, fixing.. I do not have time for shopping anymore!! 

More like... I do not have money for shopping anymore!

Then, I woke up this morning with these..


My top picks from Free People Sale

My size is sold out.... darn it!!

I was checking this out the other day.. 

I bought this dress full price! Whaaaaaaaaat!? It's on sale and sale!?

This will be good with a lot of outfits!! I want!

Jennifer... here's another booties for 

Yeah, I was eyeing on this pretty blue dress. I don't think I own a blue dress?

I don't need anymore patterned dress, but this with this color...  very attractive!

Oh yes. I need this. I love vest! And this is great deal!! 

So... this is a cape? Or a cardi? Looks so cute!!

Another great deal bag. It's almost gone! Hurry!

I have similar bag from Anthro. But this is super cute!

OHHH NOOOOOO!! There are so many cute stuff!!!!

Did you buy anything?? Will you use this promo??

Friday, December 18, 2015

New promo 20%off everything! Shop w me Anthropologie

Happy Saturday Morning!! YES!!! School is over!! And I get to sleep in every morning!!

I am exhausted.. 

I am so happy...

And Anthro has a new promo!

I think I am done shopping for a while, though. The sale hype has worn me out lol
I still like to go into the store early in the morning, but the busy time.. no.. I'd pass out lol

This is the time I went at 10am :) 
My husband actually wanted to go have breakfast with me but I sneaked out and went to my favorite store. lol

He called me and asked where I went, I told him, "nowhere, I'll be back around 11".

I found these cute tops Feathered Fringe Top $128, unknown top, next to each other. They are both cropped? Looked short to me, and there was another one looked just like the tank one.

I am not buying any more tops until I open my moving boxes!

But I am still interested in scarves. I don't think you can ever have enough of them. Just like boots or bags...

Is this new arrival? I haven't checked Anthro website for a while. This pattern looks familiar.
Pass for me, though. I don't need any more prints!

I thought I am done with skirts but this corduroy Button-Front Cord Skirt $118 caught my eyes! Maybe the color?
and the scarf!!

When we move, I am gonna buy this Monogram Mug $8 $6 in K, M, J. I've been wanted to buy these!! Or something similar. There is a gold version too.
But this is simple, and perfect!!
And check out those Christmas lights, Jennifer!!

I can't forget the aprons!! I think I own three aprons. My daughter has two. But Anthro has so many cute ones that I just wanna keep buying!!

Casey showed me some cute Anthro holiday plates! So I had to look!
Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like printed plates, so I can't buy one.. but maybe just for my closet or something?

Fur,Fur, Fur. I love Marta Faux-Fur Cowl $68. So cozy and warm. I think I will get the pink one when it goes on sale!

I've been eyeing on this cute Frontier Plaid Dress $148. I don't think I will ever buy one because of the weather here, um but maybe.. if it looks good on me..

I need to try it on next time!

I don't look that good in hats, but I fantasize about it. That pompom! Pommed Floppy Hat $78 
I actually have couple hats in my wishlist. They are expensive,though..

While I was looking at accessories on Anthro, I found the Handknit Fingerless Gloves $32.
I bought all three colors on Black Friday. I have a pair from last year and love them!!

And I actually found them in Free People ($38) and Sundance ($30)!! 

I don't think I bought anything on that day. I just love being in there. 
By 11AM, there were a long line, and so many people in the store! 

Are you getting the last Christmas gift with this promo?

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

oh no! Sweaters 40% off! Free Dhipping over $100

oh no! I am broke and there are many things I want!!

What am I gonna do!?????

Snowblossom Pullover                      Belted Cashmere Cardigan

Apennine Pullover in store photo here           TaboraMockneck Pullover

        Hooded Ludlow Vest              Kaolin Wrap Cardigan  in store photo here


                     Rosevine Sweater Tunic        Winged Wonder Cardigan in store photo here

Are you getting something?? 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Need Boots??

Good morning!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

3 more school days and vacation is gonna come!! Yay!! Can't wait!! 

So, I have been wanting a new pair of gray boots. 
Most of my pairs are from Anthropologie. I love their quality, unique design boots. 
So, as usual, I was checking what they have. 

And I found the Naya Fjord Hidden Wedge Boots $249 ($186.75 today!)

I can't do super high heels, so these are perfect!! (I don't normally like suede boots but well, these might be okay)


Oh why... my sizes are sold out.... and bunch of other sizes are gone! Oh why....

Naya is supposed to be super comfy, so yeah. I guess everyone wanted them. 


Did you give up?


Guess what!?

I found them. In other stores!!

This is a special secret I am sharing with my blog readers. hehe

Amazon offer's are only temporary I bet..
Well, it could be cheaper or more depending on your size, but you should definitely check Amazon right now!!

And here's some of my OOTDs

I am wearing the Meleri Eyelet Tank $128 $39.95 under FP sweater in the first photo. All the other stuffs are mostly older Anthro. :) 

Happy Shopping!!! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Looking back...

I have a thumb drive that I keep photos of my virtual closet, my WOW transmogs (You don't wanna know what this , my lunch boxes, and my outfits. 

And I was checking my old outfits. I picked some to share!!

Which one's your favorite?


I found this cute sweater coat from REI.

If you missed out on Kaolin Wrap Cardigan $158, you might wanna check this out.

I actually liked this REI one first, then I found Kaolin Wrap Cardigan on Anthro later. It's more girly. But quality wise, REI one is better. And warmer!