Friday, January 30, 2015

Coclico Halette Wedge Booties Review

Last time I wore kimono cardi, I felt I needed new black short booties. So I searched internet, and lucky me, I found CUSP had exta saving up to 70% off, and that was the last day they had the promotion!

I found this beautiful Coclico Halette Wedge Booties originally $450 was marked down to $151.50 that day!

And they had just one pair left, and they happened to be my size, 38. 

So I had to order those beauty. I had super high hope. I love Chie Mihara shoes and I heard Coclico was as good as Chie's. 

I received them yesterday. CUSP offered me free shipping, and it arrived in two days! That was amazing. 

I tried them on..

They are...


small..... and narrow..

Coclico shoes runs small? 

I didn't know. 

Now they are not offering the promotion and price is little higher, $202. They have size 39. 

I could probably exchange them. 


I just shipped them back today...

I tried those boots on in my house, and they made squeaky sound every time I move. 

The leather in front was rubbing and making the sound.



Was it because they were too small on me? 

I am not sure, but I didn't wanna try again. I didn't pay full price but still, $450 boots have to be perfect, don't they!?


Very disappointed.

Anthropologie carry Coclico, right? Does anyone have them? Do they normally run small? Are they good??

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Short Ombre

OMG, it's almost time to go pick up my daughter!!

I was at hair salon from 10am... and now almost 2!!

My new hair stylist is awesome <3 I am definitely going back to her if my husband lets me. lol

Here is before and after!!

Do you like it??? <3

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tidal Maxi Dress

It was hot today! Well, only for couple hours, but I loved it!!

Remember the Tidal Maxi Dress from last year? I love maxi dresses/skirts and this is one of my favorite!! I have small boobs, so I have to cover my chest.. otherwise.. you can easily see bras.. lol

By the way... anyone noticed my arm?? I have some muscles now. heee hee
I am working on my arm, tummy and butt muscles.. 

For my arms, I use a weighted jump rope, (I am quite a good jumper!) and I also punch in the air. For my tummy, I do sit ups, and for my butt... I am not sure if it's working, but I go up and down a step. 

Any good suggestions??


Ugh.. it rained yesterday. Right when I was taking photos in my backyard.. I had to stop before I ruin my new camera!! My husband will be mad if I break another one! LOL

I wanted to try my Kimono Cardi since I read Tips for Styling Kimonos. I had this Kimono for a loooong time but I hardly wear it. I thought it was only for roomwear.. and it's silk.. I get pretty messy at home with my daughter, so I only worn it couple times.

Thanks to Liz, she encourage me to wear it out!! And I did!! Well, it was rainy after that, so I was wearing rain jacket over it to pick my daughter from school and that was it, though...  But I wanna style it better next time!! Maybe to the beach!

Lace Slub Tunic sim here
Black Bootie sim here and here

Sunday, January 25, 2015


It was such a beautiful Sunday!!

I broke the camera the other day.. and got a new camera!!! BETTER one!

Three Beacons Belt sim here and here

This Swarovski bracelet was one of Christmas present from my husband! Well, he didn't order it. I I bought black one and this gold one! perfect for summer!!

This necklace used to be my grandma's. I love it so much xoxo

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Midnight Online Surf

Good morning!

I actually woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep since.. I watched Grimm and Hart of Dixie instead.

Then.. I started to browse online shopping..

I really want a brown leather jacket right now, but I am not sure if I should get vegan leather or real leather.. I own a black/gray real leather jacket, but it needs a spacial care. Can I wash vegan leather?

I was checking Anthropologie's Vegan Leather Bomber and Leather Moto Jacket first. I tried on the Moto Jacket yesterday, I really need to try on XS for the fit. Maybe Monday..

Then Free People's Rumpled Leather Blazer. Free People always has cool leather jackets but they are so expensive!!! Well, mostly they are real leather.. but..

Then went to urban Outfitters to see if there are any cheaper ones. I couldn't find brown one but found red Silence + Noise Vegan Leather + Fleece Moto Jacket. It's beautiful wine color from what I see.. I need to try it on, but I am not loving all the zippers. hmm..

Finally, I found this gorgeous Bagatelle Montana Leather Jacket with Chest Pockets for $130!! The original price was $500. But it is not my siiiiiiiiiiize!! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Update 6PM: It's sold out now.. Please someone return size S, so I can buy it? lol

I hope someone from this blog will snatch the LAST ONE!! If it was my size, I'd placed order by now.. boo!!

This is my yesterday's outfit.
I am still thinking what to wear today.

I had been looking for these booties forever and found them on EA's facebook page! Thank you, Jayna!!

It's my daughter's half year birthday today. What shall we do??

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jan 23rd Anthro Review

I'd like to share some reviews I tried today <3

When I went into the sale room, I found this vest, and just wanted to try it on because it was only 30 bucks.. lol I ended up buying it but not sure if I will keep it or not
I am wearing size S/S, it's TTS, maybe too much stuff going on on this vest, but maybe on the right outfit, it'd look cute?

Second, I tried this coat. I am wearing S, I believe it's TTS. It is very soft and cozy, maybe with black long sleeve shirt, it'd look cute. When I was trying it on, I felt I needed long sleeve, so it was a pass, but now I think of it, it might be cute.

 I really wanted to like this long cardigan.  I am wearing S and TTS for me. I think with a button, or broach or something where I am holding, it'd look cute. I am kind of sick of prints, so this gray/black cardi was very attractive, but I didn't purchase it today.

On the other hand, this cocoon cardi was a winner! I am wearing size S, TTS or maybe run a bit small around arm? In the other color was fine, but this cream felt a bit snug for me. Back shoulder part feels little weird, but imagine wearing this with a belt, and jeans. 
I had been eyeing on this cardi since I saw it in the store a while ago, I finally bought it! (I ordered size M since the store didn't have it), so I will review once I receive the M. I am hoping it'd find perfectly!

Umm.. I like cream color better.. 

 The leather is super soft! Quality is awesome!! I am wearing size S, and felt a little big. And sleeves are too long. I will try XS next time!!

I'd been eyeing on this dress for a while now, and finally tried it on. I am wearing S, TTS, very comfy and cute. I will purchase it on the sale!!

Another one of my must have is this skirt! I am wearing XS, I sized down and just right!! But the length is a little short for me. I am 5'7. I will try S next time to see which I like more!

 Yes!! Another beautiful Anthro dress here! I am wearing size S, TTS. It's silk, but hand washable. (I checked the tag) It's super light, and pretty!!!

The last, I found this in the sale room. I am wearing S, maybe a little big? It's a beautiful dress, but I didn't purchase it.. It's light too, but $100 is still too high for me..

Organize freak..

In this drawer, I have tops and tanks that don't wrinkle much.

This could be seasonal, but I have scarves and few hats in here.

I was actually surprised how many pairs of pants I actually own. I am a dress person, I don't wear pants that often.

Summer dresses, hats, bags, and sandals are on the other side. 
And out of closet, I have two garment racks, and this one has mainly tops and maxi dresses.

And this is the other one, dresses and maxi skirts. Sweaters and coats that I wore once and will need to be washed or dry cleaned before going back into the closet. Oh and belts.

Mainly coats and fall/winter skirts in this side of closet. And fall/winter bags.

I moved this basket in the other spot now, but these are tights!

And boxes of heels in the bottom. I like keeping boxes. :)

These boots and flats didn't fit in the closet...  They are currently right next to the drawer...

I feel like I should get rid of some clothes and shoes... There are some unworn items hiding in my closet, but... I just love them, and am afraid what if one day, I feel like wearing it and I don't have it.. 

I do feel I am done shopping at Anthropologie, though. Most of the items in my closet are from Anthropologie... and when I see their new arrival, I don't find anything "new" in them. 



I just need a bigger house closet!!! (yes, I a currently renting!)

What's your closet look like??  Do you like organizing?? You can hire me if you don't! LOL

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taking OOTD with timer..

Free People Synergy Cuff Thermal (sim here and here)

OK, this is new. I used to take outfit photos in front of mirror, holding a camera, but now I have a nice backyard I can take using timer..

I didn't know what to do, really. lol how to pose, maybe a smile?

I hope I will get better at this..

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

While I was gone...

I didn't stop shopping of course...

I spent so much for shipping fees, but I wasn't having latte for a while.. so.. I guess it's all worked out..

My best purchase of this season was from ebay,  The Harvested Honey Coat.

I've been looking for this coat FOREVER! and finally found it in my size on ebay!!!!

I don't like winter but I like winter clothes, and boots..

These are my new pair of boots.

Maybe because I was so cold this season, I bought sweaters mainly.


Now my closet is overflowing...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My two other stores that I like...

I just received email from Shop Ruche.

Their dresses are romantic and feminine. Dresses are bit too short for me, though. (I'm 5'7") You should check it out! Most of the items are poly... but cheap :)

Ruche EXTRA 50% Sale!

And Modcloth is offering good sale too!

Modcloth Sale!