Monday, March 23, 2015


WoW it's almost been a week since the last post...

Since I joined the racquetball gym, I barely go shopping at the mall. I guess it is a good thing!?

I was actually going to the mall tomorrow morning instead of the gym, but the guy at the front desk said "see you tomorrow" when I left..

uh.. ok see you tomorrow... lol

I have to reserve a court before going there, so I always reserve it before I leave. I think he just assumed I was going to reserve one for tomorrow when I said "thank you" as I leave.

Anthropologie finally had Anthro Day promo last weekend, but I didn't get anything. I am all shopped out.  Plus I have no more money to spend this month..  Did you get anything??

So, I was still picking the dress for wedding.

Has anyone wore this to a wedding?? Is it too "white" "bride" ish!?

I guess if I wonder that, I shouldn't wear it..
What about this..

The dress code is Semi-Formal. Is this dress too casual??

I found a cute dress at Anthropologie, though..

I want to try it on!! Did you see the video on their site? SO DARN CUTE!!  

But I don't want to buy a new dress just to wear once.. This dress is dry clean only and I don't think I will ever be able to wear it again.. TOO EXPENSIVE!!!

Instead, I want a new pair of shoes or bags!!!

Oh here is what I want right now.

I did go to the store the other day to see which color I want. They have so many colors!!! I wanted black, red, green.... I wish I could buy them all!!!!

And shoes..

What do you wear with maxi dress??
Sandals? Heels? Boots?

The wedding is outside, on grass. 4PM. 


Nah, too hot..

These sandals caught my eyes.

Which goes well with maxi!?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's summer!! St. Patrick's Day OOTD

Layered Eyelet Blouse sim here and here
Minted Terra Skirt sim here and here
Tosca Sandals sim here and here

Anthro had a new markdown yesterday, and I had to buy this robe online!!

Last Sunday, my daughter went to her classmate's birthday party. It was a drop off and I had to get her in 2 hours.

What do moms do for 2 hours?


There is an Anthropologie B&M nearby. 
One of the moms and I went into the store.

This outfit caught our eyes. 

Guess what? It was just a scarf!!

I had to order it online at night.. And of course, I bought this cardigan too! I couldn't wait any longer!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

OOTD- Verda Maxi Dress

YaY! Erin, Diana and Amy, Thank you for adapting my precious Anthro beauties!!

Today, I wore this Verda Maxi Dress after gym.
Did I tell you about my new daily routine??

I found a racquetball club!! ( The photo was taken when I went with my daughter for try out.)

I do not know how to play games but I know how to hit the ball to the wall!! And it is fun!!!

When I am better at it, I will play games with my husband or sister in law. But for now, I love playing by myself!!

My arms are sore..

I had hard time posing.. lol I am not this serious in real life..

I have a wedding to attend in May. My husband's youngest sister is getting married!!

What am I gonna wear???

This Honeycomb Lace Dress that I bought through EA's trade market.


A bit too small!!!!!


I can't zip it up!!!

Does anyone have size 2 for a trade???

I am working on losing some back fat but I am not sure..

If I can't get myself in the dress, I will wear this Estrella Maxi Dress.

or maybe....

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


No shopping for me for a while, but I wanted to share one thing!

I found this Curlformers.

Do you remember when I got my hair done last time, the stylist curled my hair. I loved the look but I couldn't make that hair on my own. I suck at using curler. The hair curler just damages my hair... Maybe having a long hair is easier to curl.

I was checking through Youtube and was interested in Curl Secret but watching some of the reviews, I got
Does anyone use it?? How is it??

I kept searching good curlers and I found this Curlformers that you don't need to use heat.
I ordered them on ebay. I received them in couple days and I tried them after bath one night.

I slept with that head...

And next morning, I took them off.


I love it.

I didn't use any hardening spray or anything, but I still had good curl in the evening. 

Do you curl your hair???
What do you use??

Thursday, March 5, 2015

OOTD Scrollwork Maxi Dress

I am loving maxi these days.. super easy to get ready!!!

This morning, I woke up and checked EA. Yes that is my daily routine. lol Then found out that Anthro is having extra 20% off all Dresses!!


And I read that it can be combined with birthday discount!!

OMG Anthro loves me!!

I can get PA!!!

I was so goning to buy two more dresses today.. Kerala Embroidered Shift $178 and Suraja Dress $148. Both review here.


The SA told me she can't combine both birthday discount and promo...


But I got three dresses (this, this and this) with 20% off!! I mean the SA gave me extra 5% discount price adjustment.

and that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I told myself that I should just wait for sale on those dresses I wanted to purchase if I was able to get more PA back.

Moving on.....

I was with my sister in law at the mall today, and she had to return a shirt to a store.

So, I went to the store with her.. and it was called..


Weren't you talking about this store, Julia!??

I bought two tops for $20! And they feel nice! I bought grey and white.. I wished they had black one, and guess what! They have it online!! They have kids clothes, too. I bought two leggings for my daughter.

Ouch.. I have a headache now.. it was a long day today..
Did you buy a dress from Anthro today??

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

OOTD Pieced Stripe Dress

Yay, rain is gone!!

Balenciaga Sunglasses sim here
Gucci Watch different color here

Oh no... I have a sore throat and headache...><

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anthro Review Novela Dress, Kerala Embroidered Shift, Suraja Dress, Verda Maxi Dress!

Happy Monday everyone!! Oh.. wait.. it's Tuesday!!!

Anthropologie's new markdown has been on Monday lately, so it got me confused.

It was supposed to be a rainy day today, but I see sunshine!! It's still chilly, though..

This new markdown messed me up a bit. The Deni Cocoon Cardigan (review here) went on sale like I planned, but the skirt I wanted didn't get a cut, and Novela Dress that I wasn't going to buy got a cut.. and I ordered them online early this morning!!!

I was going to buy brown and cream on the Deni Cocoon Cardigan, but because of the dress, I just got cream only. Maybe I don't need two of the same style.. yep..  I don't need it.

I could go into the store today.., but I decided to order them online.

$12 shipping...

well, if I drive around and have a latte, and it takes my energy.. so I am happy with online shopping for today.

Right now I am sitting in my room with a cup of tea. very nice. No more shopping for me for a while.

I did try the Novela Dress a while ago, and I don't think I shared the photo here. Let me find it.. hmm...

Yep, I found them. I am even trying on the Deni Cocoon Cardigan over it!! I have my old phone!! lol Why didn't I share this on my blog before??

Novela Dress $148 $79.95 I tried on size S, TTS, it's little too long? (I am 5'7") It looked beautiful on hanger but didn't love it on me I suppose,, It is still in my MUST HAVE wishlist, though? I am not sure what happened back then.
But I know that I love this type of maxi because I just put this on and I am ready to go!! Aaaand washable!! Perfect for moms.

I have some more reviews I can share from newer visit.

This is the outfit I had that day. I bought this Swoop & Glide Pullover through EA's FB trade market a while back. Thank you, Marina! I have been meaning to wear it with dress or skirt, but I haven't figured it out yet... 

Onto the reviews...

Kerala Embroidered Shift $178 TTS, oh my... I love this on me more than on a hanger!!  Mesh on sleeves has no lining under it, so it's see through, but body part has lining. I don't think it had pocket. Zipper on the side.

It's little pricey.. but I may.. buy it when they have some kind of full price promo..  eh.. maybe not.. hmm depending on how much I can make through blog sale. lol Please help my shopping addiction!! LOL Oh, and of course, it is washable. DUH!


Suraja Dress $148 TTS, another dress I want full price if I had the money! It's light weight, and not too crazy prints, comfortable, and washable!! It didn't have lining, but had pockets!
Back is little longer than front, I am not sure I like it or not. I guess it's a trend now? I just loved the feeling of the dress on me!! Perfect summer dress for a mommy!


Verda Maxi Dress $168 I am trying size S here. I tried on XS before, here. I felt it's TTS and length was perfect just like XS.
Unlike XS, the shoulder hit my upper arm like the model shot, so I decided to go with my usual size S. Plus, it might shrink a bit after wash. It has a lining like this.

More reviews...

Deni Cocoon Cardigan
Leather Moto Jacket
Terry Floral Fit & Flare Dress
Veldt Striped Skirt
Around Town Silk Tee Dress
Fanned Flora Dress
See Review

Morning Petals Cardigan
Marled Stripe Swing Dress
Sweaterstiched Tunic Dress
Janie Swing Dress
Petaled Paisley Maxi Skirt
See Review

Adanne Tunic
Glinted Tee
Ocean Dipped Tunic Dress
Pieced Stripe Dress
Tindaya Maxi Dress
Diamond-Dot Chambray Shirtdress
Mixed Plaid Tunic
Homestead Shirtdress
Leonor Shirtdress
See Review and on Me

Crocheted Lana Sweater
Palolem Kimono
Pieced Stripe Dress
See Review and on Me

Verda Maxi Dress XS
Abstract Floral Tank Dress
See Review

Did you score anything good today from new markdowns??

I have an outfit photo from.. a day before yesterday.  This Homestead Shirtdress is very comfy and cute.
Unfortunately, it was rainy, so I didn't have time to take lots of photos.. I wanted to share how cute it is but maybe next time!! And I give you a star..

Don't forget to check my Blog sale!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Push-Up Bra

Where do you buy your bras??

I was thinking I'd get real bras when I am done breastfeeding.

Some people might think it's weird but I breastfed my daughter until she was... 5.

I just didn't stop her until she was ready to let go. She didn't have to have it, and it wasn't like newborn breastfeeding, it was mostly bedtime or when she was hurt or sick.
It comforted her in several ways at age 4. I would do the same if I had another child. :)

Anyways, I had always wore wireless bras since I was pregnant, and I've just buy cheap bras at Target.

And I recently thought... hey, I can get a real bras already!!

This is the first store I stopped by.

Frederick's of Hollywood

When I lived in LA, I found this lingerie store, and I was amazed how big your boobs can look without getting surgery!!
Back then, I liked this store more than Victoria's Secret. I thought I finally figured out why and how all the girls in LA have big boobs.  Not everyone have surgeries!! They have Hollywood Bras! LOL

I tried on Hollywood Heart Throb Lace Sling Bra and loved it.
I wanted to try Hollywood Knockout Push-Up Bra, but they didn't have my size. So that night, I ordered it online.

I received the package after few days, thought I'd love them all.

But... I didn't.

My mistake was that I tried bras on at the store but did not put a shirt over it to see how I look like.

I felt.. very awkward.. too big.. when I looked down, I can see boobs in my sight... lol Maybe that is normal...

But I want more natural look. I do like push up bras and love seeing cleavage on my chest, but 2 sizes up in a day is just too crazy@!! I don't even know what to say to other moms at my daughter's school. "hey look, I got a boob job?"

I am thinking to return the bras.. maybe keep just Hollywood Heart Throb Lace Sling Bra for fun.  (I bought 3 Hollywood Knockout Push-Up Bra white/black/beige)  I do like the polka dot.

Where else can I buy bras??

Victoria's Secret!!

I wasn't sure about sizing, so I went to try some on. I think I like it more than Frederick's now. The bras are softer, and padding isn't that crazy. Well, there are crazy ones but I'll get there when I am used to having some natural boobs in my sight..

These are what I bought.

Very Sexy Strappy Ring Racerback Push-Up Bra in black and So Obsessed by VS Push-Up Bra in Nude.

I was looking for halter neck bras, but the back of the strappy bra was so cute!! And everyone needs nude color bras, right!?

I tried both of them, and some more styles. These two are really comfortable! I'd recommend them to everyone!

Luckily, Victoria's Secret is everywhere in the states. I mean, now I know why the store is everywhere!

Do you have anything you recommend?? Any stores? Any brands?? What style???

Oops I did it again..

So, I have been trying to be part with my precious clothes, mostly untouched, never worn, just being beautiful in my closet.

I want to thank everyone who took those to new homes! I know they will be loved!
Shelly, Erin, Heidi, Kelly, Mindy, Cat, and Sachiko!! (wow!)

My new goal was.... to just have or buy something that I can wear daily. Something I can wear to my daughter's school, something I can wash!

Plus, there are so many new arrivals at Anthropologie that I can't wait for them to be on sale...

I was going to wait for Anthro Day (last year, they had extra 15% off full price in mid March), but when the SA said I can use my husband's birthday discount... (yes, I made my husband sign up. lol) I got SO EXCITED!

I was shopping with my sister in law that day. She had no idea how happy I was then. (She's not a huge Anthro fan.)

She was paying for Trinity Layered Sweatshirt at the register. When I heard the news from SA,  I disappeared into the store searching for these three dresses, (took me a while because the Homestead Shirtdress was the last one and they kept it in the back.)

FYI, I live close to three Anthropologie B&M and all of the store don't have the Homestead Shirtdress anymore!!

And showed up with THREE dresses in my arms walking to the register. LOL

I will be posting outfit photos in these soon!!

But anyways... that is NOT the "oops, I did it again".

I turned on Facebook last night. And found the on EA's trade market FB page. I've been looking for the Honeycomb Lace Dress forever! Since the day I saw a SA in the Village at Corte Madera wearing it with black jacket and black tights couple years ago. (Yep! Bumble Bee!!)

It is Dry Clean Only, and it's obviously a party dress.






Well, I have a wedding to attend in May.  So yeah..



The dress is size 0, so I am not 100% sure it'd fit me, but super nice Kristie offered it for $60 shipped!!! and I took it!!!! (If it doesn't fit me... I will list it on EA!)


I have 4 more Dry Clean Only dresses in my closet that I can not part with..

I have some reviews ready soon, too!!