Saturday, November 28, 2015

Anthropologie Black Friday!!

OMG!! What did you buy!??

It was only 25% off.. but EVERYTHING was 25% off!!

I was lucky to get PA for a king size quilt couple days ago. LOL YEAH!!

I went into the store little past 6AM. If it was 50% off, I'd be there by 5:30AM lol

Anyways, I took some pictures. It was slow morning, and very quiet.

I love Anthropologie candles!!! What I love the most??
The Volcano!! I feel like I am at Anthro in my room when I light it.. lol

These are so cute!! I'd get them but I have to wait at least one more month... Until I move to a house!!

And I found this pretty dress! What is it!??
Wow, it looks WAY better in RL!!

And check out this jacket!! So Pretty!!!
UGH! Can't find it... Let me know if you see it!!

Winter Blossom Wool Jacket $228

I actually went again this afternoon, to buy gloves, and it was packed!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I shopped early morning on BF!

Here is what I bought both in store and online.

Yep, I had to buy these online.. I just couldn't resist.

These are the ones I bought in store today. I actually wanted the beige but they didn't have them.. so I have to buy them online next time!!

                Quartier Plaid Scarf $68                 Paquerette Shirtdress $148            

These were my lucky buy on BF in store. I had to ask SA to find these for me. The dress, they only had one in the back, and it was XS. I tried it, and fits me!! YAY!!

I couldn't find anything I want from sale room, and they didn't have much anyways.. But I am pretty happy with my new items!!!

Not much haul compared to couple years ago. But I spent so much already this month. I will have to wait for Christmas Sale!!

Monday, November 23, 2015


Woah! I have been taking OOTD photos but hadn't updated on my blog yet!?


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Anthro Shopping with me! Reviews

Happy Friday (I was gonna post this on Friday. lol) !!! And next week is Thanksgiving break!! Yeeeeehaaaaw!!

Oh no,that means I can't go to stores.. except... Black Friday!!! I can sneak out the house in the morning!! I am sooo going to Anthropologie and if I have some more energy, I'll go to Nordstrom and Free People.

We shall see...

Yesterday, (I mean,today) I went to Anthropologie to check out new arrivals. I have been shopping so much lately, so I don't really have anything that I reeeally want at this moment. But, I felt like going to Anthro, so... I did. :)

First, this poncho got into my sight. I have too many prints, so something simple look very refreshing!! People might say this is a print, but, it's simple! Isn't it??

And this new arrival sweatercoat.
hmm... I don't love it. I don't love the pattern... even with the model shot. Not attractive to me. 
Do you like it?

And this, is amazing. One of my Anthroholic friends told me about this interesting sweater dress. You can wear it like a dress, and a long cardigan. 
Check this out!! 
Rose color was almost sold out in store since they are running Extra 25% off dress. Aaand FRE SHIPPING over $150!!

Enjoy 25% OFF full-price and sale dresses in stores and online for a limited time. Discount reflected at checkout with code HURRAH. This offer does not apply to Terrain or BHLDN merchandise or previously placed orders, and cannot be combined with any other discounts except limited time free shipping. 

I didn't buy it, but would you???

 Oh, yes. This, I thought it was polyester or silk or some kind of dress, when I saw it online. But it is sweater dress!! Soooooooooo pretty!!!
If I wasn't looking for simple clothes, I'd buy this... 

Moving to dressing room. 
I found couple items from sale room, and couple full priced items.

WOAH! I found something I really want. This, is another Anthro's light weight sweatercoat that they offer every year, but the belt is new style (it's attached) and I like the color and stitches!!
I want this when it's on promo or sale!!

I tried on my usual size S and it fits perfect. TTS!

  I like it untied like on the left picture!!

 This top, was another Anthroholic friend of mine's MUST HAVE. It's pretty, I love the neck, I love the sleeves! It comes in three different colors but we both agree white is the prettiest!

I am wearing size S, felt a bit big but I think it's the style, and what if it shrinks!? I'd buy my regular size S when it's on sale.

See this, sleeve details are so pretty, BUT!! I noticed something! The hanger is sticking out and broke the lace!! I am soo gonna order this online.. has to be brand new!!

I normally don't like buying sweaters or knit unless if they don't look like they pill easy. I just don't wanna spend money on something that get ruined in couple wears. Make sense??

But I had to try this on because it looked so pretty on model. And I've been eyeing on them. They comes in two colors, I like the white one but it won't be a good idea with kids, so I tried this gray one.

I am wearing size S, and I am wearing shorts underneath, so it's a bit bumpy..
Arm holes were a bit big, and hmm nahh.. I don't like them much.
I have a long torso, so it doesn't look good on me, I think.

 I grabbed another sweater dress from sale room. Well, I thought it was a dress, but I suppose this is just a top.  Nah, for me.
Wearing size S, TTS for me.

 Ohh Mmm GGg! This AG dress!? I love love love love love it!! I didn't buy it but I may!? Feels so soft, and fabric is stretchy, like AG jeans!!

Looking at these pictures make me want it... I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Tried on S and fits perfect! TTS!!

 A lot of people were talking about this, and I found one in the dressing room, size 2P. 
I am normally size 2 in dress, so I had to try it.

I guess it's just not my style, I didn't like it much. It was too tight all around, and I'd need 4P. I liked the length but I wonder what's regular length would be?

If I had more hips, and more boobs, maybe it'd be sexy... lol
And I don't have anywhere to wear this dress..

 It has a slip comes with it. The lace part remind me of the dress from Weston Wear. Oh yes, this will get ruined easy with kids.. So this has to be something fancy.. special occasion. 

 Moving on,  closer to register lol I found this gorgeous necklace!! PRETTY!!!

I took snap shots of jewelry that caught my eyes!  so I can add them to my wishlist!! Too bad they only allow you to add 75 items! I need more!!

            Entendre Hoops $78            Charmante Jacket Earrings $48

           Annona Drops $48                Musetta Pendant Necklace $78

And I went home,..