Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My New Shopping Rules

Sigh... I have been in love with Anthropologie over.. years...

And my closet is full of Anthropologie.

I have been selling things but I keep finding new things that I want.

That's right. They have new arrival every month. Every year.

I can't buy everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I made rules for myself based on what I have been selling.

I love everything I own. There were reasons I bought them. They are pretty. They are beautiful. They are unique. Or.... they were a good deal.

And what I've been selling is..

Things that I don't /can't wear. (too fancy, too delicate, etc)
Things that I haven't worn for a year.(kept telling myself, maybe I'll wear it next year)
Things that I probably don't wear this year.
Things that are too short on me.

Tops & Skirts, I don't wear them. They need some thinking to make outfits. And I do not have time for this. Dresses are easy to dress myself. Put it on, There, I am ready to go!!

Jackets. I have way too many. in CA? I don't need to wear jackets that often, and when I do, I am really cold, so I'd be wearing Patagonia or The North Face. That, my husband can buy for me..

And recently, I realized that I have too many belts and necklaces.

I used to wear belts a lot but not any more.. they are uncomfortable. lol
I just need few (maybe 10) that I use.
Necklaces, I keep buying them but I don't wear them that often. It hurts my daughter when she cuddles me. or I have to worry about breaking it.  And when I try to go into the car, it scratches the car.


anyways, I don't need those.

and I do not wear heels.

I finally admit that I am clumsy, and have no balance.. and my husband hates heels.
I am only keeping Chie Mihara and some really nice heels for parties. I can just sit there and be fancy.

And this is my rules for shopping.

1: Do not buy skirts.
2: Do not buy tops.
3: Do not buy jackets.
4: Do not buy heels.
5: Do not buy necklaces. 
6: Do not buy short dresses.

and most important rule of all..

7: Do not buy things because it's a great deal/on sale. 

Just buy things that I don't mind paying full price. Otherwise, I do not need them.

With those rules, I do not have to love everything.  I do not have to buy everything!!

That means I have more money to spend on what I use/wear and love.

And less things in my closet.


Do you have any rules you made for yourself??

Monday, April 25, 2016

Free Shipping and 25% off sale!

Happy Monday, ladies!

I was hoping for a new markdown, but instead, they are offering free shipping!!

Well, that works too, I guess..

These are what I ordered!!

 Cirque Swing Dress $178 I ordered XS and S.. Let's see which fit me better!!

 I've been eyeing on this Raya Kimono $118... I think this is my favorite kimono they have in store now!

And this Tropica Romper $128... I was lucky to find a popback!! Hope it fits!!

What did you get?? or what are you getting??

I was going to the store this morning but my daughter decided to stay home from school... so no Anthro for me... They better have extra 25% off tomorrow!!

Latest OOTDs!

Have a wonderful week!!! What am I gonna wear today!?

I am waiting for your OOTD pictures!! <3

Thursday, April 14, 2016

WHAT!? Extra 40% off sale?

Seriously... what is going on with Anthro lately!??

I guess it's smart though.. at some point. They don't do 2nd cut as much.... Well, that's what I thought. But they just had new markdowns. hmmm I know their creations are not as precious as they used to be.... They need to sell awesome boots like they used to, for sure.

But their sale is making me crazy!!

I just bought bunch of full priced item with 15% off and now I had to buy bunch more!!!

Last night, I ordered these.

Denim Tie-Neck Tunic Dress  and Tiled Dropwaist Dress  are still full price. lol I just had to. There are couple dresses I thought I'd get but I decided not to... I think.. if I don't want it at full price, or half price, I don't need it in my life. I try not to buy things just because it's cheap.

But Anthro has been giving me hard time with it..

So... this Mykonos Jumpsuit jumpsuit came a day before yesterday. I can get PA! yay!

I tried them on in my closet,so it's not a good picture but I will take OOTD pic pretty soon!! They are fabulous!! Get them if you haven't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It says Online Exclusive, but some store may have them?

I opened the package and my first word was "oh, its Tracey Reese" lol I didn't know...

I also bought the Arboreta Jumpsuit with 15% off, they came, but they were dirty!!! So I am having them exchange. The new ones are on the way... Hope they are sending me the brand new ones!!!

You do not need any code on this 40%off!!! I am going to the store again this morning!!!

Happy shopping Ladies & Gentlemen!!!

oops, I forgot to post OOTDs!

I am thinking about making a Reader Outfits post! Please submit pictures <3 Send me your pic!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break is OVER!!

I did it!!! We did it!!! 

My daughter went to school this morning!! I wasn't sure if she'd wake up... but she did!! (I mean I woke her up, and she didn't whine or cry!! lol)


And Anthropologie has new markdowns plus 2nd,3rd cuts I believe!!! wowowowow!! I am getting price adjustment!!


They have Free Shipping over $150.. it gone this morning??? It was there last night!!!


I managed to use my 15%off coupon from survey and free shipping for my new markdown purchased last night!


I am free... I am...

I love it when my daughter doesn't have to go to school, but I have NO "me" time. 

I am going to Anthropologie to check out some goodies!!!!

Did you buy anything last night? or planning to go to the store?? 

Oh my goodness... I am super behind on this blog.. I have pictures for reviews that I had never posted... ugh...

I can never be a full blogger like most other bloggers.. lol I am just a mom who loves Anthropologie and wants to share stuff sometimes. And Facebook is much bigger place to share stuff like this lol What's the point of this blog!? lol

Recent outfits!!

(I got tired of adding my blog name on photos... so yeah, if you wanna grab it, go ahead lol I don't have my head :P so I don't care..)

Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break

I have been meaning to post something, but I have been feeling sick, and now that spring break is here, I have no time for blogging..

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time!

I will be back after the break!