Thursday, June 30, 2016

Long time no see..

Hello! I have been away again. and I will be away over and over.. because I suck at writing, and from seeing people on facebook, I find no need for blog posts for reviews and such..

I started this blog as a part of my hobby, fun. But it had become like I HAD TO do it instead of fun thing to do.

I do take pictures, I do go shopping, I do love anthropologie, but I just don't have power to make them into a post on my blog.

Plus, my daughter is on summer vacation. I get not many "ME" time.

Anyways, I have facebook account, but it is mainly for my family and I can not post much stuff about my shopaholic stuff there..

And I finally figured out to make a new account on Instagram.

Hope this works.. (I don't want my family to find me on that one. lol)

Here is my new account

Thank you for following!!!

I am not deleting my blog account, as I hope one day, I can do this again.

But until then...

See you at Instagram!!